Sunday, May 21, 2023

Slacker Republicans' Tax Cuts For Billionaires and Starvation For The 99% Revealed In Their INTENTION TO DEFAULT THE US: TRAITORS


Republican Kevin McCarthy will go down in history as the most corrupt leader of the House

Lying Republicans' intention to obstruct President Biden using extortion and blackmail about defaulting the US to not extend the debt ceiling is monstrous and treasonous.


1)Republicans posture that they represent fiduciary responsibility is fraud.

Under Presidents Reagan and Bush, Republicans lowered taxes on the wealthy (then millionaires) and raised the taxes on everyone else. The outsourced industry give tax breaks to corporations who built up wealth overseas while paying the US worker record minimum wages. They blamed Democrats for outsourcing and destroying a business climate. Reagan was responsible as well as destroying unions. He and Bush with the profits of the wars created a billionaire class.  

The billionaire class through the Federalist Society bought the Supreme Court. Through the court they passed CITIZENS UNITED which made corporations persons and allowed foreign donors to purchase politicians, to wit, Republican politicians. Undisclosed millions was given to Republicans who then obstructed democratic progress in passing bills to help the underclasses (not millionaires now billionaires)

  Republican posturing is against the 14th amendment of the Constitution and threatens the nation security. Above is the preamble to the constitution, reminding us that the people, not the politicians have the true power. The people are against the Republican party-their numbers are legion because Republicans are slacker, derelict scofflaws.

2)Republicans holding the debt ceiling should not be raised for the probity of the budget is FRAUD

Under previous Republican administrations Reagan, Bush, Bush Jr., there was no attempt to lower the debt. Under Clinton the debt was lowered, but Republicans spread the convenient lie that to do it, his administration stole from Social Security, bankrupting it. That is a lie that many thought was true. Republicans lie. That's all they do. Lie and cheat and thieve and kill whenever possible (through rotten healthcare in collusion with Health Insurance and the Medical Industrial Complex and in wars they used to enrich themselves and their donors).

3)Republicans implication that they never raised the debt ceiling is a misrepresentation and fraud.

Under Donald Trump (the twice impeached, indicted, Putin elected fraudulent former president) Republicans raised the debt ceiling three times. Extorting President Biden and the nation of programs to help ordinary citizens to cut off the debt and then raise the ceiling is monstrous. Billionaires got their taxes lowered $2 trillion. The rest of the country had to take up their slack. Slacker Billionaires do not pay their equitable share because of pass throughs, hidden accounts, shell companies that hide money and tax havens. They are threatening the national security. Kevin McCarthy (he is undeserving of his position and I will not address him as such) is committing treason for personal gain by foreign donors, most probably Putin, etc.

Trump with Putin in Helinski in secret conversations which were never made public. His treason stinks to heaven. His $2 trillion in tax cuts for billionaires created inflation and increased the debts of the nation to their highest under any president. Republicans thought that was fine. Now they scream and extort the country under the Biden administration. We see, we know. The US citizenry has had enough.

4)Trump created massive debt and pushed the US toward default with the $2 trillion dollar tax decrease in 2017. 

Trump/Republicans created inflation by diving their friends 0% taxes to pay while the rest of the nation had to pay higher interest rates on that debt which now the rest of the country is suffering under. The inflation which President Biden has lowered was created by Republican donor corporations encouraged to keep prices high and create inflation which added to their profits and lowered the economic viability and incomes of the rest of the nation.

Trump allowed massive theft of COVID funds to businesses who were undeserving while allowing the businesses that keep Main Street going to go under. Trump went bankrupt 7X. He is practiced in fiduciary incontinence, default and bankruptcy as are the slacker Republicans and their slacker, greedy donors who don't contribute to the US democracy's coffers while reaping every advantage they can steal.

5)Slacker Republican donors and corporations are on government welfare while pointing the finger at the poor. It is a blasphemy that can no longer stand.

Enough is enough. The billionaire class is psychotic. How many cars do they need? Have they found a way to stave off death. They are mortal. How much do they enjoy starving others, while getting richer? This is the way of the Republicans. President Biden and the rest of the nation are against them.

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