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   The insurrection to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power in our democracy. A crowd obeying their leader Trump who summoned them to show up on January 6th.

In previous articles on this site, I suggested that the DOJ's not investigating Trump was JUSTICE DENIED. I also suggested that Trumpers were in the FBI and DOJ and were against investigating Trump. These individuals were in agreement with those Trumpers in the DOD and military. Indeed, a section of law enforcement are white supremacists and Trump is their man. This is patently illegal and they are being outted as I right this. White supremacy is unconstitutional. And these individuals lie on their oaths to the constitution.

The Washington Post has come out with its expose about the DOJ's resistance to investigate Trump for his treason on January 6th. The paper is kind in stating resistance, as the factor for not investigating. However, clearly, sub rosa, Trumpers persuaded Garland and Monaco to compromise their duty, their role and their integrity and honor to uphold the law and their oaths of office.

    The preamble of the Constitution..."We THE PEOPLE." The DOJ let us down.
Garland and Monaco used as their justification to do nothing because they didn't want to look "partisan." Indeed, that is the excuse the DOD gave for not going in to stop the violence at the Capitol. It didn't look good. That is disingenuous and a bold face excuse and dangerous lie. The subterranean reasons are that Trumpers in DOJ and DOD, clearly were pushing to salvage their guy and protect him from investigation. That Garland and Monaco fell down on their jobs in weakness, naivete and compromising the constitution and the law is a black stain on their careers and must be answered. Public humiliation at this point is not enough. More about Christopher Wray, who stabbed Biden in the face later.

Doing nothing was easier than going after the maniac that was overthrowing the government and constitution. Doing nothing was easier than going up against Trump who today, is still riding on the concept that he won the election and he is fund raising on that and his "victimization" by the indictment against him by Jack Smith. Trump is illegally defrauding his QAnons who are too ignorant to realize he is defrauding them, because, well, "That poor guy." The DOJ is allowing Trump to defraud Americans by doing nothing about it. This is derelict. This is obstruction of justice by the ones who are supposed to stop criminals and uphold justice. 

Why did these people show up on January 6th? Trump summoned them there to stop the peaceful transfer of power. It took the DOJ to begin investigating over 1 year later. TRUMPERS PERSUADED GARLAND TO DO NOTHING AND NOT LOOK PARTISAN. DOJ DERELICTION.

That Garland and Monaco with the encouragement of FBI head Christopher Wray didn't investigate Trump is not only egregious, it is unconstitutional and treasonous. Their hesitancy supported Trump by doing nothing, a terrible sign that the rich can get away with crimes against humanity, while the little people have to bear the burden. This is not only cowardice, this is active support for Trump/Republicans in a partisan show that Garland was trying not to show. His permissiveness is completely partisan and has made it more difficult for Jack Smith to bring a speedy trial before the election. Is it possible that such a smart man is so stupid? Or is it possible that the job was too much for him? If that is the case and it certainly looks like it, he should resign as should Wray and Monaco. And the agents and those at DOJ who wanted to investigate Trump and uphold the constitution should be given their positions.

Monaco, Garland and Wray have jeopardized the DOJ and put Trump's smut and QAnon Republicans' slime all over the DOJ. Their obvious permissive support of Trump/Republicans looks terrible, is an embarrassment. It is an incredible irony because they didn't "want" to appear "partisan. What they excused themselves from doing exactly makes them partison. This drubbing is promoted by Republicans in the DOJ, hiding in plain sight. The DOJ has Trumpers who are wicked, obviously. I pray that I be wrong, I doubt it.

How many QAnon Trumper Republicans are still in the DOJ subverting justice?
Garland, Wray and Monaco's dereliction is inexcusable. They have shown to the American public their disrespect and disregard for the rule of law by allowing Trump to remain uninvestigated and unindicted, even though he held highly classified documents with nuclear secrets which he kept to fund raise most probably because that is his MO. Money. What Monaco, Garland and Wray have done in their dereliction, ignoring many agents who desperately wanted Trump to be investigated and indicted has destroyed the probity of the FBI and the DOJ.

The only way they can make amends is to resign and put in power those who put the rule of law first. In other words, not Republicans who have proven themselves destitute of honor, integrity, probity. It is a tragic day when people like Peter Struck was fired by Trump and Andrew McCabe was fired for doing their job and Wray, Monaco, Garland and others at the DOJ just sat around and did the easy work going after the actor, the QAnon Shaman and letting Trump, Meadows, Steven Bannon, Mike Flynn and his brother in DOD (both supporters of the insurrection) and many others get away with overthrowing the nation's democracy. We have no democracy unless all who were a part of January 6th are held accountable. This will be hard to bring about with Trump/Republicans elections.


That the LEAD CRIMINALS OF JANUARY 6TH were not investigated until Jack Smith was appointed indicates that the government was in crisis, democracy was no longer and the insurrectionists were lauded in private circles for succeeding. All the treasonous who support Trump whether overtly or in their complicit actions are suspect, especially if they are in the DOJ and the DOD. The agencies are corrupt and it is no wonder that the American people don't trust them.

 Wray is also a Republican and highly partisan...Biden kindly gave him a chance to be bi-partisan, a mistake. Wray is incapable of it and has compromised the integrity and honor of the DOJ to abide by the law. Today as I write this, the DOJ is allowing Trump to defraud the country. He collected $250,000,000 to "fight" and oppose the peaceful transfer of power (cited in the Appendix of the Jan. 6th Commission Report). Now he is committing fund raising fraud about the "unfair victimization" by Jack Smith. Smith is holding him accountable; the Grand Jury voted for his indictment. Smith brought the law to bear and the American people said, he must go to trial. The man stole Top Secret documents and refuse to give them back. Some were stolen nuclear secrets. It was more than a year before the FBI and the DOJ began to investigate after the January 6th Commission embarrassed their obstruction of justice by doing nothing. It was 18 months before they finally went after the traitor who stole Top Secret documents. 

Former AG Bill Barr has said that Trump's saying he's victimized by Jack Smith is RIDICULOUS.
The WaPo article is very kind when they state the DOJ was reluctant and hesitant to investigate Trump. The DOJ tip-toed around even mentioning Trump's name. They feared stating his name. The supreme law enforcement in the land was afraid to go after Donal J. Trump who the January 6th Commission Republican members (Liz Chaney, Adam Kinzinger) stated that there were crimes committed by Trump before during and after January 6th. The Commission exposed the complicated plot to replace electors fraudulently, and Trump's treasonous actions to do nothing as Commander in Chief when violent insurrectionists overran the Capitol, defacing and spreading feces in the chamber walls, and threatening the life of Vice President Mike Pence for not "giving" the electoral college vote to Trump, something he couldn't do in his role as Vice President.

The January 6th Commission was printed and given to the public. It was a horrific embarrassment to DOJ who ARE derelict of duty in not investigating Trump and all Congressmen a party to January 6th, the overthrow of the constitution. They violated the 14 amendment. They cannot run again. What is the DOJ afraid of? If the FBI is attacked, go after the perpetrators, or get out of the FBI if they are AFRAID.


But first, the white supremacists in the Congress and the Senate who do not agree with the peaceful transfer of power and who threaten government overthrow by their actions up to and beyond January 6th, must be removed from their positions. They cannot swear on the constitution then turn around and violate it and spit on it and get their salaries. Talk about no justice? They are unjust, they are treasonous and they are arrogant, privileged white supremacists. The DOJ AND JACK SMITH MUST CHARGE THEM AS WELL. THEY ARE A PUTINESQUE STAIN ON OUR DEMOCRACY.

The citadel of our democracy continues to be trashed until the 14 amendment is applied to the Republicans in the House and Senate who opposed the certification of the 2020 election vote. THE DOJ MUST HOLD THEM TO ACCOUNT.

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