Friday, June 23, 2023

Republican/QAnons Embody the Banality of Evil in Supporting Trump Publicly


    Trump embodies the banality of evil, (a phrase coined by Hannah Ardnt

 Donald Trump screams on "Truth Social" (a misnomer if ever there was one) that the Congress has to go after the DOJ, Jack Smith, et. all for the "witch hunt." Well, of course, Trump is above the law. In allowing privilege to not be held to account, the child baby brays and screams for help from Congress to pass laws to stop, to distract, to get Hillary's emails, to get Hunter Biden's laptop, to impeach Biden.

If he says this in public, what is he doing in private? Is he calling Putin on one of the secret phones and demanding Putin put his thugs on those he wants wiped out from existence? Tragically, the problem is that Trump is in hell and misery after he received the documents released from the prosecution revealing the specific details of the indictment. His lawyers who have pleaded with him to no avail to shut up, go on deaf ears. Trump will talk. He must talk. He must scream and shout. He is running for president. He has to pardon himself. Only he can do it, pardon himself, though he is guilty.

 William Barr, former AG said he did the criminal acts of stealing doc to himself. He said Trump is toast, if the jury convicts him. Finally, courage. Trump insulted him. Of course. He is guilty. The insult is no proper defense. It is an admission he is guilty.

Trump actually thinks that he is unimpeachable. Too bad that he proved himself wrong twice. He has been impeached for colluding with the Russians to deprive the true president of 2016 of the position. Hillary Clinton was elected by popular vote. Russian trolls, Jill Stein, Johnson and others deprived her of the 55,000 votes in the electoral to turn her loss of the electoral college into a sweeping victory. Since then, the US has gone to Trump psychosis and criminality.

There is no end to how he broke the law, violated the constitution, abused his position of power and bullied, tormented and threaten the once venerable Republicans into a cowering, sheepish, wickedly complicit and conspiratorial body of criminals who vie with Trump for last criminal standing.

Why has Adam Schiff been censored? He held Trump to account. Yet Trump refers to him as a criminal. This is 1984 on steroids. Trump is facing down prison time. He is indicted twice and the indictments will grow because Trump is too stupid to know what the law is and how far he has gone to break it. He is a criminal's criminal, and even true criminals loathe him for his egregious dishonorable ethos.

 QAnon lets him believe that fantasy that he is innocent, and is perfect, and the Marjorie Taylor Greens and L. Bobert's make a mockery of Speaker Kevin McCarthy who is dying to be Speaker, even though those he resides over are flies, and maggots without backbones. The QAnon Republican are more wussy than Hitler's Nazi Party who actually believed in something. These QAnon Republicans believe in Trump? They know he lies, has lied and contradict themselves continually. They believe in their power, which is absent. They believe in their fans and think Trump will move to primary them?

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is a tragedy. He, too, embodies the banality of evil, in that he has not stood up to Trump and told him, NO!

He is going down in the polls which he keeps propped up. The fans cannot tolerate him and don't believe him. The ones who have to yell that he won the election in their attempt to own the libs, like the maggot who got a 14 yr. prison sentence for using a stun gun on a Capitol policeman, doesn't believe in Trump. He is lost, was crying on the stand. For what? For being happy about lying and supporting those who don't even know his name?

This spectacle of Trump/QAnon and his fans who adore him is a lie. The sooner Republicans/QAnons stand up to the lie, the faster they will get rid of Trump. They've made him their bogey man. They've made him the monster to be afraid of. How wickedly dumb. They are suicidal and should fear the laws and the constitution they violate. The whole world is watching and together the great majority of Americans who vote are going to sink them. The only way to avoid the banality of evil of criminal Donald Trump is to stop acting like criminals.

All the Republicans have to do is say NO. Not to supporting Trump in his lies. No to supporting Trump in his fraudulent actions. Why can't they do this? The DEEP FOREIGN STATE that pays their salaries. Money. The payoff. THERE IS A DEEP STATE. IT IS FOREIGN. They are compromised. They are traitors to the ruin of the US. How can they hold their heads up in Congress? They must REPENT. AND TURN TO JESUS. Oh, how can they? They are supposedly Christian, so they are doubly damned in their fraud, hypocrisy and lies.

Liz Cheney has the courage of her convictions. She stated Trump committed crimes and the January 6th committee voted the he should be indicted.

Trump is anti-democracy. Why? He is a criminal. What criminal likes the laws that hold him to account? He is a criminal. He is the most criminal of all our presidents. He has been fit by God for the destruction by the law. Republicans/QAnon have been warned. As surely as those who were warned about the submersible that sank after imploding, the symbolism of ignoring warnings...has fallen on Trump/Republicans. 

The banality of evil in the fear of telling Trump and their FOREIGN DONORS NO. No more. Enough. We work for the American people and the laws of the land. Trump is a criminal. Of course he will call the indictments everything but what they are. Truthful. He will never plead guilty. He deserves a straightjacket. And a prison cell. And if Jack Smith knows criminals and how to get them, and he does, he knows Donald Trump. He also knows those who collude with him.

He and the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are not criminals. They don't embrace the banality of evil. They own up to being accountable. Trump, one way or another is being held to account. Better he go for a plea deal. He doesn't have the courage it takes. Nor do the Republicans to censure Trump or each other. The risk they take is worse than the ones in the submersible took. Good luck.

What did they discuss in Helinski? Putin plays Trump for the dupe he is. He has determined his soul weakness and powerlessness. You would think Trump would learn? Nope.


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