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Death by Coronavirus. Trump/Fox Liability. Are Class Actions Coming?

Money is vital. The Old Testament says, "Money answers all things." But Christ also said, "It is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." In other words wealth stops spiritual love, humanity and the following of God's commandments which Christ said number only two as the others may be subsumed under these: 1) Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; 2)Love your neighbor as yourself.

Well, what does that say about Trump and his WH staff, the evangelical community that supports him and the Federalist Society and Fox News owners and pundits? It would be easier for them to fit through the "eye of a needle" than for them to communicate with God, be with Him and follow God's laws of love and empathy. With the discrimination that evangelicals often manifest, it is obvious that they come short of the Glory of God's love when it comes to various groups. They can't even muster up the Catholic unction to "love the sinner not the sin." They do love, however. They love to condemn. They love money. The bible does say "the love of money is the root of all evil." How do the evangelical pastors reconcile that? Well???

Trump and associates from the cabinet and senate (courtesy of the media)
Love of your neighbor as oneself, God's command, is caring for one's neighbors-citizens, especially if you are president of the United States to prevent their death by keeping them safe from all enemies foreign and domestic, and even as molecular as the covonavirus which is geographically blind.

If there is one thing we can count on from Trump, Fox and the GOP it is a shortage of empathy as they run long on culpability and liability for spreading the coronavirus through disinformation and irresponsible reporting. Indeed, their orientation toward death and the coronavirus appears to be one and the same: welcoming its severity and mortality by pretending it doesn't exist initially and then demeaning its virulence, then attacking those on the front lines. (Today, Trump implied that hospitals are hoarding PPE.)

Expressions of thanks (courtesy of the media)
Thus, be shocked if/when Fox News stops being criminally liable for spreading disinformation about the coronavirus. Be shocked when they STOP saying that the media created the viruses severity to defeat Donald John Trump's reelection. Be shocked if the Federalist Society and evangelical Christians and the white supremacists STOP supporting Trump and begin supporting practices that will save the nation and prevent death. (i.e. getting the respirators that New York state needs to prepare for the wave of overcapacity in hospitals that will come in two weeks). In other words be SHOCKED if Republicans and Trumpers support those like Dr. Fauci and Governor Cuomo, especially Cuomo whom a majority of Americans listen to because he demonstrates heroism daily in his FDR chats. Indeed, Cuomo encompasses all the qualities a hero demonstrates. This includes calm, logic, attention to details and facts and their dissemination, and actions and behaviors based on those facts.

This plague has chosen sides. It is welcome in the Red States and that's where it will spread unabated simply because there are many in these states who embrace Fox disinformation and scare mongering in the reverse, that the "Deep State" is anxious to cow the American populace and sensationalize the news. For example, the deaths that happened in Elmhurst Hospital never happened or that they were overblown. Such is the disinformation and fake news that QAnon, et. al are using to diminish what is happening. They, Fox, Breitbart and the alt-right, diminish anything that the Red State governors or Trump do that is death oriented. They embrace canards and myths and decry fake media accounts of virus deaths and lie about who is spreading the virus. An initial lie was that the young people are invulnerable or can't get it. Not only DO they get it, they may spread it asymptomatically as uber carriers.

Covid 19 on the molecular level (courtesy of the CDC website)
First, the right supported that the virus was a hoax which Trump touted at his rallies. Trump ignored speaking out about a horrific virus that was spreading in China because he perceived it would destroy his reelection chances. Trump's inability to see himself as a hero in saving the day is evidence of his incredible insecurity and lack of confidence in his own governance, a liability in itself. He did not see that this could be his shining moment to be a hero like it has become for the Governor of America New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The virus beat him into the wuss he is and exposed his naked ambition and weakness for putting himself, his reelection and his bank accounts first. Thus, he did not listen to Intel reports in January to put into effect the Pandemic Playbook Plan (reported by Politico). Instead, he held rallies spreading the virus, unwittingly while touting that it was a Democratic plot and a hoax, demeaning the nefariousness and treachery of Covid 19 which if alerted may have stopped the mayor of New Orleans from holding Mardi Gras which has now blown into a whirwind of cases and the fastest growing percentage of deaths in the world from the virus.

Donald Trump before his impeachment (courtesy of the media)
The list of his repeated dilatory actions and behavior is growing as reporters uncover information he knew and actions he didn't take. Every bit of it is in the historical record proving again and again that his villainy and self-perception of being the victim stood in the way of what could have been heroic moments. The first moment could have been with following President Obama's pandemic team in 2017 learning how to stop the spread of pandemics. Then he could have kept the office of Pandemic response open instead of closing it in 2018 and firing its staff. Next, he should have made proper preparation for the Diamond Princess passengers to disembark with protective gear so they would Not spread the virus. Instead, they traveled in a bus instead of being quarantined. The virus wandered  to a nursing home in Washington state making it the second hot spot in the nation at the time.

That the virus spread due to negligence and ignorance alone is enough to make Trump criminally liable because he was focused on PR, boasting about himself and demeaning the virulence of Covid 19. He was not empathetic or cognizant of the inevitable deaths that were bound to happen. Thus, the Washington nursing home piled up their dead. The children of parents who died from Covid 19 are left wondering what happened. What happened never should have happened if Trump was the hero that QAnon was touting he is. Instead, this victimization and bullying and bombast and denial was a continuation of the cycle that had begun in 2017. He blatantly ignored the power of pandemics, stole financial assets, giving himself a vast tax cut against the Constitutional emoluments clause, cut medicaid and healthcare systems, and in 2020 allowed Covid 19 to kill whomever in its spread.

In 2017 when Obama's presidency ended, Trump began his non-presidential cycle of ignorance, incompetence, negligence, inaction, abuse of power, browbeating and bullying anyone who disagreed with him. This occurred with his staff and the media if they attempted to guide him to follow the constitution and laws of the land. His behavior was unheroic, unpresidential, divisive, hurtful, emotionally abusive to American citizens. Additionally, his actions were and still are unpatriotic and unconstitutional and absolutely devastating to the country.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (courtesy of Comedy Central)
Though these behaviors continue to this day, they have been mitigated thanks to the killer that rampages unseen in states across the nation, a killer and tormentor which is strongly visible in New York. This plague has interrupted the dissolution of Trump's nihilistic cycle, for a time, perhaps. Dr. Anthony Fauci's brilliance and caring personality during this time have modified Trump's behavior because he has maintained that it is the virus that decides what our acts should be, not Trump's determination to be reelected.

The novel coronavirus is not subject to Trump's dreams or assertions. Another huge mitigation on Trump is from the one who is mentoring him in greatness-the exceptional, superb Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo has become the country's hero for all the right reasons, especially in his cool insistence on following the facts and placing the value of life above any other value, especially money and the economy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo during a daily briefing (courtesy of Governor Cuomo's Youtube channel)
Indeed, Cuomo has returned the values of the United States to Americans reminding them what they believe in and practice: concern for each other, cooperation in a crisis, standing with family, selflessness. Cuomo's affirmation of decency, his command of knowledge about Covid 19, his great appreciation of all who are on the front lines of this war are unparalleled.

 What a contrast to Trump and Republicans who ignored Senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, who was forward thinking. Murphy revealed that the "Trump administration officials declined an offer of early congressional funding assistance that he and other senators made on Feb. 5 during a meeting to discuss the coronavirus." This is reported in Yahoo News by Susan Smalley a day ago (for the article CLICK HERE).

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (courtesy of the website)
Since Trump did not have a Pandemic team and ignored Intel coming out of China to suit HIS agenda, not the country's, he was not interested to discover what China, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan did to stop Covid 19's spread. He did not and does not to this day though it would be a magnificent act of generosity, offer up his hotels for quarantining patients to prevent the overflow from hospitals as the virus destroys lives, the healthcare system and the soldiers on the front line-our medical workers..

Only yesterday did Trump mobilize the Defense Production Act. But did he command industry to produce massive tests, PPE supplies and respirators after weeks that medical health care professionals globally warned him of the deadly effects and destruction of the virus on people and unprepared healthcare systems? Turns out we don't know. That will take fact checking because he lies. It is the end of the month which means it has taken three months for Trump to acknowledge the seriousness enough to act on creating massive supplies with efficacy. However, the respirator problem for New York State to get ahead of the doom of thousands dying without respirators in over extended hospitals continues as I write this.

Andrew Cuomo, to help New Yorkers and Trump visualize the difference between the respirator which keeps those in a coma alive and its alternative, brought out on camera a woefully inadequate hand pump. To provide a continuous flow of oxygen to the patient, the pump has to be manned 24/7; an exhausting waste and depletion of manpower. Cuomo has ordered thousands of hand pumps in case the president does not send the respirators. Cuomo has shown an incredible good faith effort to save lives, every one of which is precious in his sight. Trump, on the other hand, says he wants to avoid death, but acts to the contrary, is defensive and bullying. If not for Dr. Fauci's wisdom with human nature in how to calm down Trump like a son, and Cuomo's wisdom in negotiating Trump's insecurities, the steps that have been taken in New York and that are revving up in other states would not have taken place.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (courtesy of the website)
Compare Como's life affirming perspective with that of the Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. He has maintained that grandparents would willingly give their lives to save the economy: see the article by CLICKING HERE. This stupidly underestimates who may need ventilators. Even the young who are not compromised die from this PLAGUE. They may need them, not just "the old." Secondly, this MENGELE SELECTION PROGRAM OF THE ELDERLY DYING FOR THE ECONOMY pits life against the markets which Trump uplifted last week. It was only last week he maintained that if we don't open up the country, even more people may die by committing suicide and becoming addicted to drugs. Considering that Trump equates the "perfect" economy with his reelection, perhaps he is the one who will be jumping off a cliff if the economy cannot come back soon enough for him.

It remains to be seen if Trump can overcome his bullying of the press and governors and get the job done with the help of the Governor of America, Andrew Cuomo leading the way for other governors. All must collaborate and be on the same page and NOT COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER FOR SUPPLIES. Only the federal government can establish massive production in the billions of supplies, then create a supply chain to immediately distribute ACCORDING TO NEED the PPE and respirators to save lives, especially to safeguard medical personnel. Trump, despite Intel reports ignored doing anything and at rallies, stated it was a Democratic and media plot to stop his reelection. Always the victim, he should have been gearing up. Now his inaction has killed and is victimizing and abusing the entire nation with unprecedented actions to "flatten the curve" so millions do not die. Sucks for us he is our president.

Hospital workers need our support with enough PPE, respirators, supplies (courtesy of the media)
Every individual who has died thus far, died needlessly. Fox News, Hannity, Murdock, Trump, the WH administration, silent members of the GOP, Governors like Ron De Santis, who acted late to close the beaches (people are still congregating on them in Florida) and the Governors of Mississippi and elsewhere (23 states out of 50 have told citizens to stay at home) who have not "paused" their work forces are accountable. They are liable for criminally negligent homicides.

It would not be a stretch if relatives in a class action lawsuit held them accountable for the dilatory action, their irresponsible disinformation that the virus was a "HOAX,"the lie that it was a Democratic plot to destroy Trump's chances for reelection and the misinformation that the virus was like the flu which kills more people.. Fauci has repeatedly been misquoted when he says that it is a coronavirus and has 10 times the virulence of the flu. Folks remember the first part of his statement, then go blind, deaf and dumb by forgetting the second part of his quote.

2017 Women's March, NYC (Carole Di Tosti)
Indeed, a family member today misquoted Fauci as did a woman I sat next to in a salon a few weeks ago. She repeated to me the misinformation repeated on Fox News. After she arrogantly stated more people die from the flu, she sneezed into her hand then slimed the chair she was in and another chair she moved to. This is the effect of misinformation. People do not take Covid 19 seriously and as a result spread it without thought for others. What Dr. Fauci has said is Covid 19 is 10 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE FLU. With the flu, we do not practice social distancing and shut down the nation. With Covid 19 because we are so behind the 8 ball the crisis has become a NATIONAL DISASTER. We have closed down 23 states to prevent the projections of 100,000 to 200,000 Covid 19 deaths.With the flu, there are vaccines, and Tamaflu and other therapies. The death rate of the flu is much lower.

 Frankly, the blindness and stupidity and arrogance of individuals to twist, not hear and believe what they want is immeasurable. Thank you for not taking this seriously and sliming chairs and shaking hands and touching things right after you've coughed and sneezed into your hands. Wonderful. Thanks for congregating in the parks and playing contact sports. You are why if I take the garbage out in the hallway, I wear a mask and gloves and wash my hands repeatedly during the day and alcohol my hands with swabs and wash food containers.This disease is no joke. And though it may be a coronavirus like the flu, it is NOVEL. Humans do not have an immunity to it. It is 10 times more deadly. Dr. Fauci and Governor Cuomo are speaking the truth.

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