Saturday, July 16, 2022


 The GQP are the party of Putin's communism, the hate all who stand in their way of power.

The GQP Party under Trump has seen a rebirth into criminality worse than ever experienced under Harding's Teapot Dome, Nixon's Watergate and for profit healthcare, and Reagan's Iran Contra and financial destruction of the middle class with outsourcing. Under the former administrations, the GOP was a party of law and order, or so they lied. Meanwhile, they broke federal laws and got away with no president going to jail, though the presidents obstructed justice and covered up their lies.

Under Trump, the party has become communistic. How is this possible, you ask? Indeed. the frog slow boils while Democrats take the high road of decency and law and order, which unfortunately, is slow. Accountability becomes impossible when the GQP infiltrates and throws up road blocks, obstacles, craters the concrete and unleashes dams of hate-filled sludge. How did we get here and how much of this is because of the GQP's inability to censure or condemn Trump?

  Did we ever receive the transcripts from the two hour meeting between these two? They are public record. Has anyone ever tried to use the Sunshine Law to get them?

Trump was and always will be a criminal. He is clever at lying, cheating, stealing and pushing the envelope of audacity, of cruelty and of evil, especially with those who are kind to him and those who bow. With the parameters of behavior that Trump sets up, it you stop bowing or try to extract yourself from the web of poison around you, he interprets it as disloyalty. And if you are disloyal, if you stop allowing him to kill your soul and poison your integrity by degrees, he will exterminate you, Trump style. That includes revenge that may express as character assassination and/or destroying all the bridges you have built in your career. Either you agree with Trump or you don't exist. Once bitten, you never escape because your independence from him is equated as a direct violation of his air space. Exploit you? That is why you exist, to be exploited, your integrity destroyed. There is no compromise. God help the Trump children. God help Mark Meadows who is Trump's slave who doesn't exist. This is Putin/Trump/GQP communism. There is only fealty to the GQP/Trump.

Trump is a new breed of poisonous tarantula. He sucks out the goodness of individuals, drains it dry, uses their integrity to fuel his insatiable greed and lust for attention, power, money. Putin cultivated him for years as the greatest threat to US standing in the world. Putin achieved an apotheosis when he got Trump elected. See other articles for how, if you don't know by now. And Trump employed Putin's communistic tactics and pushed forth his own wanton nature to extremes in the presidency. It worked until the evil imploded on itself. And it is continuing to implode, regardless of what MAGA wants which appears to be suicide in its association with Trump.

       GQP senators, Mo Biggs, Louis Gohmert, Paul Gosar and others who stood against the constitution

Thus, for those around Trump, lies became truth. Anyone opposed to his say so, were/are the liars and must be punished and his ego avenged. Extreme paranoia sets in if one countermands him. He is the reincarnation of Stalin and a twin of Putin save the killings, however, this is changing (COVID botch job). Secret Service did his bidding and some still do. If Pence had gotten into the car on January 6th and was driven away from the capitol what would have happened? Pence wanted to live. He heard people shouting "hang Mike Pence." He told the Secret Service, "I know how you guys work." He didn't get into the car which would have taken him away from the Capitol and doing his job. Pence's safest place was at the Capitol, even though Trump had commanded his followers to attack the building, the symbolic seat of government and place it under siege. Trump publicly stated...Mike Pence deserved lynching because he didn't obstruct the peaceful transfer of power in Biden's election landslide. Just the verbalization of Trump stating that Pence deserved to be hanged is an abomination. It evidences Trump's MO toward those do not obey him.

Could Pence have been killed? We don't know. Indeed, I have learned not to underestimate hatred whipped up by those who are loyal to Trump who will do his bidding. The less power the Trumpers have, the more they are blind suicides, exploited and duped and the more they hang on Trump's every word. It's how they got to the Capitol. They obeyed Trump's commands on Twitter. And when he told them to leave, they left if they heard his message to them.

Trump did much to make GQP America great. The America Trump talks about is for billionaires. It excludes everyone else, but the duped fans believe he has made them great. That is an irony considering who they are and what they did on January 6th. The GQP party wants and lusts after money. So does Trump who is bankrupt with all the lawsuits he faces. They make a great communistic team. The elites flourish and the little people share the scraps. That is true Putin communism. The elitists lie and make up lies about everything. They cannot be believed and don't serve the US citizens. Instead, US citizens serve them. Likewise, Putin deals with Russia in the same way; his people obey him, serve him, die for his whims. Putin was the richest man in the world, before his war in Ukraine. It's why Trump admires him. So, for these communists, it's just about power which is about who owns the mountain. No rhetoric, justification or logic can be used to explain away their behaviors. They are serial killers, despots, tribal leaders who create the laws only for themselves. And God help any who violate them.

A potential rapist on the SC? No FBI investigation was done. He lied under oath to Congress about Roe as settled law and adhering to settled law. He should be impeached. How was his $250,000 credit card bill so easily paid off?

The GQP became the GQP when they achieved Nirvana with their $2 trillion i n tax breaks to billionaires. There was a shift that was even worse than what they accomplished under milk toast Obama who screwed the pooch with the Gorsuch affair, the Citizens United affair and the watered down Obamacare affair. His back to the wall, Obama received death threats day and night with his wife being called a gorilla and a man. Obama tried to make peace with Republicans. However, there is no such possibility of peace since Newt Gingrich gave the red-print of communism to Republicans, nullifying the constitution's two party system making it a one party system...the Red Party stating it's our way or the highway, put together with an unfair electoral college and acquisition of representatives not based on population, but on an outmoded, antiquated system.


The channel of lies and communist propaganda, supported Trump. Dominion may be bankrupting it as I write this. The lawsuit goes on for Fox smear campaign against the company.

Trump allowed a violent GQP to gain leverage. Either we put more blues in the senate or the ONE PARTY SYSTEM OF COMMUNISM WILL BE CODIFIED INTO LAW. Please read that again. The constitution has been violated so often under Trump/GQP as not to exist. There has been no accountability under the law...the Mueller Investigation, the two impeachment trials, laws Biden and Dems try to pass? NOPE  UNLESS THE BLUES DO LANDSLIDE AFTER LANDSLIDE BECAUSE THE REDS ARE PREPARED TO CHEAT AND STEAL TO OVERTHROW ELECTIONS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, WHETHER THROUGH GERRYMANDERING OR STATE LEGISLATURES, THE REDS WILL GET IN AND NEVER LEAVE.

The GQP party is communistic extremist. They are despised by millions of Americans...the greater majority. In every election since 2000, Democrats have won the popular vote. That means a majority of voting Americans vote Democratic. The GQP is so hated with their attempt to kill citizens, via THE COVID BOTCH JOB, ROE, ELIMINATING PROGRAMS FOR SENIORS, CHILDREN, SCHOOLS, ETC. That is why the electoral college which has put the minority in power for the elections of 2000-2008, 2016-2020 must be eradicated. The electoral college will be eliminated in my lifetime.

Is the Bible upside down? Trump hid in the basement cowering in fear over the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest. Then forced the military to rubber bullet and tear gas peaceful protestors. But the National Guard were ordered to stand down via the mob on Jan 6th that was armed with AR 15s that Trump knew about because they couldn't go through magnatometers, which he told security to tear down and "let my people in."

The push for the one party system of communism Trump took advantage of and put it on steroids, following in the footsteps of his banker, mentor and handler, Putin. Now, the GQP way is the way of Putin communism. The Democratic way is the way of democracy and one person, one vote. The popular vote will be won by Democrats. They landslided Trump. But to him, elections don't matter. He wins because he is psychotic. Reality, as Barr suggested, has no impact on Trump. This is beyond Norman Vincent Peale's "power of positive thinking." It is fantasy. It is insanity. It is psychosis and he must be dealt with. Never running again? An understatement. He should be deported for he disrespects the US constitution, the role of the presidency, all of it. Safeguard a democracy? Trump took the US Treasury and stole from it with $150,000,000 golf trips that he treated to his Secret Service. No wonder they are destroying federal texts for him.

For any infelicity that Democrats perform, GQP party of violence holds them to a ridiculous account. For Democrats, it's guilty before proven innocent. And when the individual is proven innocent, they are still guilty. Hence, Hillary testified about Benghazi for 11 hours. On the other hand, GQP follows the shameless double standard that they don't have to follow any law and order standards, nor follow the constitution. Many in the Trump administration refused to testify. Instead, they take the fifth. Why? They are guilty, of course. The fifth is tantamount to an admission of guilt. A kindness that deserves jail. Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton before her always testified and showed up. Nixon didn't get impeached; he resigned disgraced, but was pardoned. Guilty but made innocent. He too, a coward, didn't show up. Crooked Nixon, treasonous Trump. By comparison, Trump is the most egregious criminal in US history, proving once more that Putin wanted him in power to destroy the nation Putin hates.

This must change with the insurrection on January 6th. People died on January 6th. Brian Sicknick and the capitol police who took their lives, died so that those who attempted to destroy our government then lie about will go to jail.

Can you imagine if this guy made laws? Can he even read? Look at how he respects the flag.

The GQP party professes innocence. Any GQP who exposes the truth will be defamed by the GQP and Trump. This is the MO of Putin who pushes folks out of windows, rooftops, stairs and if none of those are handy, he will go to foreign countries and have his agents hunt down the "enemy," the whistleblower, and then poison them or dispatch them with knives, bullets, whatever is expedient. Vengeance, death, imprisonment exists for speaking out and not doing Putin's/Trump's/GQP's bidding. The same occurs with Trump, but he will use his military people or Trumpers or Putin's people to threaten whistleblowers or those who present the truth about Trump.

This is a lynching sign. Pence was threatened by Trump and then when he heard the chants, said on media, he deserved it...maybe. OK. Four years of loyalty mean nothing. You bow to the death.

Trump and the GQP are the same. There are death threats against all on the January 6th commission, all who testify, all who blow the whistle on Trump and those who TELL THE TRUTH. Meanwhile, Trump has denied the commission documents, lied, cheated, fundraised off the #BigLie, which he still continues to do, reaping in more than $250,000,000 despite its apparent fraud. He has bullied, threatened and instigated others to do the same. Now, the vital Secret Service texts of January 5-6th have disappeared. Trump makes sure his acolytes will do ANYTHING FOR HIM. The constitution does not exist for Trump and he makes sure it doesn't for his acolytes who are called to testify. The American people pay the salary of those he turns into his criminal henchman. He and they must never again be in a position of power. And all those Trumpers who are in the present administration must be fired because they subvert the constitution to follow Trump's directives and protect him.

Fox News pundits said this was ANTIFA. I don't see any black people.

What would have happened if the Capitol police had not saved those in the chamber against the weapons the mob had? They beat cops that day. So much for law enforcement that is MAGA. Do cops really think they are safe against ILLEGAL MILITIAS?

The GQP supports Trump/Putin/Stalin in their support of violence. They are communists in behavior. They act above the law. They refuse to be held accountable, refuse admission of guilt. A 10 year old having an abortion and the doctor with her are guilty. The rapist who raped her many times has more rights and was protected until Fox News hosts and others were shamed with filed lawsuits as he was brought up on criminal charges.  For the GQP, the insurrection, violence and murder on January 6th should be given a pass. It was ANTIFA, a picnic, a rally, anything but what it is seditious conspiracy to overthrow our government. God must not be brought into the lies of the GQP with regard to the insurrection and all of what the GQP intentions against U.S. citizens.

More picnic photos.

More evidence of picnics and that what? The happy crowd of rioters breached the capitol

Bottom line, Trump=GQP are guilty. They conspire if they don't come forward with the truth. They obstruct justice allowing Trump to persist in saying he won the election. He lost. They lost. They can't get over it? Puerile, infantile, suicidal. No wonder they are obsessed with the embryos and fetuses they scream must have the right to live while killing the lives of the babies after they are born with inadequate social programs, economic well being and a hatred for human kind of all colors. The logic is against God. The rhetoric doesn't make sense. It's not supposed to. It's power. It is lust. They destroy themselves in hatred and lies. Because the greatest majority of this nation knows what they are.

QAnon believes JFK Jr. is coming back in 2018. I thought he was dead. Lies, insanities, stupidity

Trump can and will get worse...unless he is held to account and the GQP is held to account by citizens, by Merrick Garland...the account that the January 6th committee is presenting and working on as I write this. THE GQP CANNOT OBSTRUCT THE CONSTITUTION, THE LAWS, THE AMENDMENTS AND STILL BE IN GOVERNMENT. THEY MUST BE CENSURED VIA THE 14TH AND REMOVED, JOSH HAWLEY, ET. AL. AND THE INSURRECTIONISTS AND ILLEGAL MILITIAS ARE VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION AND TOO, ARE GUILTY. They must be indicted. Biden needs to add 1000 more prosecutors and judges and we Democrats must win the midterms so this is still a two party system. Or the country will be communistic SLAVERY with one party rule.

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