Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Our Nation's Wholeness and Wellness Under Trump? Jesus Wept!

Donald Trump's Administration beggars the imagination for malfeasance, fraud, lies, corruption, scandal, election fraud.
In this last two years I have been distraught about what has happened to our nation. How could Trump usurp the election with Republican permission? Is it because of the power the riches he has brought them and their donors? How can the once great Republican Party of family values permit without censure their "leader" to continue with the lies, malfeasance, corruptions, cronyism and obvious payoffs? It is as if ethics and morals aren't a consideration and never were with Trump, despite all his protestations to be a Christian. Doesn't a Christian follow the precepts of Christianity which have at their foundation the Golden Rule, wellness, love, unity, peace, probity, honesty, selflessness, generosity? Not Trump's brand of Christianity. Not evangelical Christians' brand of Christianity. It is a new day and the sun is shining on billionaires. And for those who are not? Sucks for them!

Senator Lindsey Graham

What of the politicians who have been in congress and the senate for decades? Those like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are facing Trumpism and embracing it. They have become lost as have all of their party; they are no longer Republicans; if you check their voting records, they are not the people they once were. They are the arm of money. And they intend to keep it that way using money from any source, especially from foreign nations. The end result is that they have become the party which willfully spreads hatred, disease, malnutrition, death among the little people, that is anyone who can be construed not to be a conservative billionaire.

Trump/Republicans embrace their mission given by the Federalist Society to exclude all but the wealthy from freedom and prosperity. The American taxpayers are left holding the bag to fund the programs which benefit wealthy. This is equivalent to welfare for the wealthy supported by taxpayers. How? Through corporate subsidies, land grant giveaways to corporations, carte blanche for lobbyists and their corporations, tax breaks in the millions. The corporate wealthy and billionaires are receiving MONEY WHICH IS SOCIALISM; taxpayers pay for it, despite the tremendous inequity. Yet, the very socialists who receive these tax breaks DECRY THE SOCIALISTS the moment the poor and middle class check in for their Social Security payments. This is the brand of Socialism that Mitch McConnell HATES. The Corporate Socialism Mitch McConnell and Republicans love. The wealthy are the true socialists and we are their unwitting dupes who fund them while they begrudge us a nickel.

Ultimately, our wallets are for them to steal. They count on this and Republicans happily oblige them knowing they get the big payoff in donations via Citizens United. No more does the government serve the people; we the people serve the wealthy. So much for democracy. We no longer function as a working democracy. We are democracy in philosophy only. We can't even guarantee our votes are democratically conceived with gerrymandering, a suppression of voter rights, Putin's military intell hacking in elections to get their conservative candidates in so Trump is not impeached in the senate, etc. In Russia and the U.S. economically Russians and Americans serve the rich. That is feudalism. I mourn because the tenets of this once august hopeful nation under Obama despite racists' hatred that there was a "N*(GER" in the WH are trashed daily by the criminal Trump and Mitch McConnell's Republican Party of do-nothings.

EPA administration under Trump, Scott Pruitt (website)
Resignations from (Scott Pruitt, Tom Price and Ryan Zinke ET.AL) for malfeasance are egregious. They've been so numerous, we actually forget to keep track of this horror show. The White House has numbered over 50 top official post firings in these last two years.

The latest example of malfeasance, cronyism and conflicts of interest occurs with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell feathering his own nest in Kentucky with projects like Russian oligarch and spy Oleg Deripaska's aluminium factory. Deripaska, an arm of Putin and Russian military intelligence has been guilty of money laundering with a number of banks. These, especially Deutsch Bank had been under sanctions. But the compromat Trump lifted the sanctions in an act of treason. Crickets from Mitch McConnell.
Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Elaine Chao, under Donald Trump
McConnell's wife's (Elaine Chao) appointment to a cabinet position by Trump, is a pillow talk conflict of interest. She has made sure that $78 million in federal grants would go into projects strictly for Kentucky via McConnell's former campaign manager Todd Inman as Chao's "intermediary" to funnel money to Kentucky. Chao is helping Inman iron out any issues related to the grants. This may be "business as usual" for politicians except that Mitch "block" McConnell denied any bills for infrastructure that both parties signed on. Say what? McConnell sat on bi-partisan infrastructure bills only to pass such federal moneys to his state and his state alone? Is Kentucky the only state that has falling bridges, pothole roads, etc.?

Hardly! This action is not based on need, or concern for the entire country. It is based on greed and fear. Mitch is making sure he will be looked upon favorably by Kentucky voters who are among the poorest in the country. He fears not being re-elected because he has and always will neglect the bottom and they are becoming aware of their pitiful condition to decide to vote against him. As "politics" McConnell-style go, the jobs will be given to those who can further help the McConnell cause, board of election supervisors' families, those in political positions in the state government, and those who stand at the political trough expecting handouts and quid pro quos. For the poorest who really need it, they will be going sideways, with little to fill their pockets. McConnell doesn't care if they don't vote; he will make sure their vote is not counted or they don't vote out of hopelessness. Surely, those who feed at the trough and receive quid pro quos will vote and vote for him.That's Mitch's way as it is the Republican way.
Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has thrown the constitution under the bus
Mitch knows how hated he is nationally. And he is hated in the cities of his own state. There are those state Democrats who are working to topple him. In fact the emails I receive about "Ditch Mitch" come fast and furiously every day. Additionally, they've put up billboards in Kentucky that proclaim his villainy. His reelection poll numbers are in the 20s. Hence the fear and greed has prompted him to get the $78 million in grants. And, he will have to call upon Putin's Soc Puppets, Hackers and Russian military intelligence to get him reelected, just like they got Trump elected. Or he will use massive payoffs to those in the state party who will guarantee votes for him, votes from fraudulent voters who vote two, three or four times. It's common practice for Republicans to do this and Democrats have done this from time to time. Under the law? It's fraud, it's illegal. But we need whistleblowers to expose this chicanery and bring the guilty to task. A few have, but we need more.
Republican Senator Mitch McConnell
With Oleg Deripaska's factory, if Deripaska brings in Russians to help "train" Kentuckians in the how-tos, then their influence will certainly be used. Duel Russian-American citizens were heavily used during the 2016 election in their online hacks and elsewhere. So what if foreign adversaries and their spy units interfere with the will of the American people to elect their president fairly? To Trump, who is into winning, that's not wrong. Legality is not "his thing." His thing is himself, Trump, Donald Trump, money for Trump, branding Trump.
Kentucky Billboard outside of Louisville
Under Trump there has been a vitiation of the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution? He and Mitch and the others who attempt to pull off such malodorous malfeasance and wrongdoing in their states are just following business as usual. They are the last people to uphold the Constitution. At the swear in for their oaths of office and at the beginning sessions of the senate each year, they repeat words which mean their billionaire supporters will benefit. These are not the Americans/Kentuckians who have the greatest needs. Mitch looks after the .01%. That does not bother Mitch. The poorest Kentuckians are not his business; the wealthy are. This is an oligarchy not a democracy, thus, the constitution and the rule of law are abrogated with no consideration. Jesus wept.
At a rally to open the government and stop the impasse of the government shutdown.
This chicanery and fraud has happened with previous administrations, many of them Republican. But not to the extent under this current criminal administration. Fox Media watchers don't know because Fox Media supports the criminality. They are the arms and legs of Trump criminality. They preserve and protect, not a free press, but Donald Trump. And for that they receive quid pro quos. They act with impunity and bastardize and demean the rule of law, the Constitution and this nation, all the while "screaming" that they are patriots and Christians. This is laughable because they are the spirit of Moloch with their lies, obfuscation and greed. But the lying line is that other media (elitist, liberal) has slandered and demeaned Trump by being "fake."

Fox does not produce the facts with the exception of Shep Smith and Chris Wallace and a few other hosts who are not Trump's close friends. They have a modicum of decency and have a huge following or they would be fired. They have not received quid pro quos. Chris Wallace is the stentorian Mike Wallace's son; his has principles. However, most of the others do not.  Hence Fox Media is censored to only relate positive things about Trump and Trumpism. They either mock Democrats or they ignore or avoid discussion of his obstruction of justice, his cover-ups, his lies, his programs which illustrate that he has put himself and his bank accounts above the national interest. Anything that smacks of blatant malfeasance, fraud, corruption, cronyism, conflicts of interest, egregious mendacity? They refuse to cover. This is not free press, this is censorship on a massive scale.

To Fox, which has been banned in Canada, Europe and the U.K. (I know, I've been there and looked high and low for Fox to no avail) the Republicans are walking on water and blaming the elites for the nation's ills. The irony is that the elitists are the millionaires and billionaires that give millions to the Republicans. And the elitists are the wealthy politicians like Mitch McConnell who pass tax reform for themselves, while the little people in the country get tax increases when they were supposed to receive a tax cut. Millions went to Trump, McConnell, Republicans and their billionaire donors. Meanwhile, the debt has passed $23 trillion dollars, but shhhh, those numbers don't exist. Thus, black is white, right is left, up is down. If you are Republican there is no compass, no gravity. The laws of science and humanity and decency are meant to be ignored.
Attorney General William Barr is not following his constitutional duty to the American people, but is acting in Donald Trump's sole interest. His refusal to release the Republican Mueller Report for months after lying about it and mischaracterizing it is tantamount to obstruction of justice. Who will hold the chief law officer accountable? God.
Why is the corruption of this administration and the Trumpist Republicans so egregious? A lack of will to stop them by The Democrats. Republicans and the Federalist Society are hell bent on destroying everything that stands for decency, kindness, generosity and magnanimity for their fellow citizens. The only ones who exist in this nation, who have legitimacy are the billionaires. Do they need more money? No. But their motto clearly is "get as much as you can to bankrupt the nation while you can!" This serves no national interest, but a possible shadow government international interest. To the Republican mind the American tax payers' wallets are theirs to hand over to billionaires. Robert Mercer's $7 & 1/2 billion dollar tax liability got wiped out with the Trump tax reform for billionaires. This is billionaire socialism; billionaire welfare. Mercer, a Trump supporter and Steve Bannon friend helped to elect Trump via Russian election hacks and fraud with Cambridge Analytica producing data on citizens in the swing states and turning it over to the Russians. Legal? Of course not. Have they gone to jail? Of course not. Instead, they cleverly got out of the news; Cambridge Analytica was dissolved and made into another company. Most probably they will do the same and get Trump reelected. Will the Democrats stop them?

Because the Russian hacks penetrated the voting machines and there was a clear indication of this weirdness (unbeknownst to the DNC who thought the swing states according to their data were Hillary's, thus she didn't visit them) Paul Manafort working in concert with Bannon and Mercer, et. al, after he was fired from the campaign, told Trump to go to the swing states to make it look like Trump generated the people's support. Not really...Trump paid his infommercial supporters to show up at rallies and it looked impressive. But Trump has been fudging fake support for years. This was and has been easy for him. These folks are what the media, who should expose them but hasn't yet, refers to as his "base."
A rally to end the government shutdown, last year, an ego tantrum by a child put citizens in harm's way.
As for the billionaire tax cuts? McConnell wants Social Security and all Social Programs to be slashed to pay for the wealthy tax cuts. The Republicans are hypocrites. They have ballooned the national debt with the tax cuts to the rich and they went against the Tea Party BS that they were fiscally responsible. The Tea Party existed only to defeat Obama in his second term which they did. They only practiced fiscal responsibility for Democrats. They did not practice fiscal responsibility for themselves. Their hypocrisy is legion; Moloch reigns in their hearts. Jesus Wept!

 The little people are the riff raff and the Constitution which supposedly protects them doesn't because unless you have people upholding the laws, the criminal class will go ahead and do what it wants. The riff raff don't elect the Republicans. The billionaires, the Russians, the Chinese and now the Saudi Arabians donate their money and they end up electing a president who is beholden to them, not the American people. Thus, if they want the US in chaos and destroyed, what is to stop a president, in this instance Trump, from obliging them? Trump's greed is legion. He loves money; he is a Mammon worshipper. Of course, he will do what they say, do what they want. Trump has proved to do just that, trusting Putin above his own 17 intell agencies.

Clearly, Trump is Putin's spy, his asset, not our President. His current behavior at the G20 joking with Putin about the press and praising Putin's behavior with his press (killing them if they speak out against Putin) is an example. His its "none of our business" what he discusses with Putin is clearly a violation of his oath of office. Ten years ago, a president saying this (Obama) would have been enough to get him impeached. With Republican support in the senate, Trump can even threaten the national interest with Putin; it's OK. Mitch McConnell has herded his Republican sheep to support Trump's way with Putin; he has reversed the decades long practice of being against Communism and Russia. Remember Republican pundits criticizing the Obama administration's referring to various cabinet staff as "czars" and referring to the Obama administration as communistic? Now that Trump is friends and lauds Putin, they say nothing. Hypocrisy is another word for Republicans under Trumpism. To them Putin is acceptable because he is not a communist in fact, though he is in theory. He is an oligarch who owns his own government while the people are in want.

The economic harm to citizens continues in this nation as well. Russia and the US have similarities. Here, materially citizens are deprived of a living wage, deprived of equal economic latitude in the culture. And what of the our national security via Trump? Trump bows to the interests of Putin and Saudi Arabia, et. al. In lifting up Trump/Putin by supporting them, the Republicans act with the intentional will to put put the citizens of this nation in harms way. Jesus wept.
Supreme Court Justice William Kavanaugh, the hearing was a railroading of justice, the FBI couldn't produce the reports on him, vitiated by Trump's executive, a constitutional violation.
Republicans are all about money and power. Their latest position to turn back the clock regarding Voter's Rights, Women's Rights and Worker's Rights hails from Southern Slavery days which was about power and control of elites. Prompted by well paid lawyers of the Federalist Society, day and night with supporting think tanks, such lawyers work very hard to put power in the hands of as few people as possible. Their motto? No democracy, no Constitution, no rule of law unless it benefits them. The only difference between then and now is that today's slaves transcend color. If you make a living wage known as income, your ass is not your own. It is owned by Mitch McConnell and Trumpists by virtue of what they tax you. Where are the Democrats in all this? The Democrats play into their hands and bleat "foul" which makes one wonder, "Really?" Well, what are you going to do about it?
Ronald Regan, 40th president set the stone rolling for galactic economic inequality until it settled into the 10 million working poor in this nation today. He deregulated the banks creating the S & L Mess and setting the foundation for the 2nd Great Depression and student debt crisis. Outsourcing and union destruction killed the middle class.

I admit, I have been duped. I imagined that the U.S. Constitution meant something. That the amendments had been working to correct the wrongs and social ills of economic discrimination. I was wrong. Hence, the incredible economic divide, created by the Republicans and that great bastion of febrile "communication" Regan. His devastating platform of corruption allowed tax breaks to the corporate and wealthy. He cut their taxes from 74% down to 28% while eliminating deductions that helped the middle class. He skyrocketed disproportionate taxation of the poor and middle class so that CEOs make 373 times more than workers. He promulgated outsourcing and shredded the sanctity of the banks, allowing them to invest and speculate which led to the S & L mess and the incredibly shaky economic structure that exists today which brought on the 2nd Great Depression.

At a rally against Trumpism.
As a result of that febrile-minded idiot who put into place Federalist Society policies (the Society came into being under Regan) there are 10 million working poor today. And yes, he got rid of the law that gave rise to Fox Lying media and the sexual pervert Roger Ailes who ran it for a while until he was exposed for his sexual perversions. The fair doctrine for media that was supposed to allow for the opinions of both sides to be presented was struck down in 1987. In this the Federalist Society and Ailes and all of the conservatives paved the way for media which would lie, distort and only present editorials pumping up conservative issues. And no, MSNBC is NOT its equivalent, a patent lie. MSNBC is ahead of the news with CNN (both hated by Republicans).

Also, Regan is the one who pumped up Big Pharma. He instituted Vaccine Court. If you are killed as a result of a vaccine, you go to Vaccine Court where the cost limitations are egregiously low and the level of proof ridiculously high. This is Federal Torte Reform in Vaccine court. Also, with vaccines, companies do not have to go through the prodigious and extensive trials that regular medications go through. The contraindications of  vaccines are not highlighted as they must be with regular drug trials. Indeed, vaccines are so fastracked, that the contraindications are not known until someone is dead! That is Regan. What a guy...a terrible president who also brought you Iran-Contra. Socially and economically under Regan, the wealth shift was enormous and miserable for most citizens; the 1% were birthed after he conveniently was shot, a blast heard around the world.

After Regan, the bastardization and corruption (with Barr executing a good portion of it as AG under Bush 41) continued with Bush "read my lips no taxes." Bush lied and raised taxes, the bulk of them falling upon the middle class who continued not to be proportionately taxed at the same rate as the wealthy. The middle class, including the derivations "middle upper and upper middle" then carried the greatest taxation burden. The wealthy do not pay their proportionate fair share. It was bad then, it is much, much worse now.
2017 Women's March against Trump, NYC (Carole Di Tosti)
To keep the citizenry looking the other way, Republicans complain about social programs, the welfare state, socialism as if they are being bled dry. This is a lie. They are bleeding the poor and middle class dry. Don't believe it? The Republicans have the greatest number of millionaires in both houses. Who do they represent? Not the majority of citizens as they are supposed to. Certainly, not those who voted for Trump, the average white supremacist males a few of which have a few bucks and are the duped white trash who fought during the Civil War to protect Southern Planters and got nothing but amputations for it. No. The constitutional canard about our "democracy" is that the Republicans represent the people. No. They represent the rich, the corporate CEOs, the billionaires. The Democrats' response must be stronger to hold the corrupt accountable. Currently, their response is like a poot in the wind.
Otto Wambier on the day of sentencing.
During Clinton, my wallet was fatter until Wall Street blew its bubble and the Republicans attempted to impeach Clinton because he lied about having sex. Having sex...truly a national security threat. A joke to malign a dangerous and beloved individual (smeared for decades by Robert Mercer and others who were threatened by Clinton's progressive policies.)

Trump refuses to discuss their 2-hour meeting. Putin will probably be glad to share what was discussed, as he is more forthcoming than Trump, at times. He admitted to wanting Trump in office and practically admitted to helping him get there. They will have more secret talks at the G-20, stabbing Ukraine in the back. (Saul Loeb AFP, Getty Images, see site)
Meanwhile, Trump violates and endangers our nation daily, giving away secrets to the Russians, acting on his own behalf meeting for 2 hours with Putin without anyone in the room, having meetings and deals with the Saudis without congressional approval. Putin, the Crown Prince and Kim are all murderers, all dictators, all wealthy. He loves Kim, a murderer who murdered most probably one of our agents when he killed his brother. Trump blinks at Wambier being returned screaming in a coma, having perhaps authorized $2 million to turn him loose; what a deal! With all this control, by Trump, including his ignoring our 17 intelligence agencies while Putin employs the GRU, SVR, FSB to overthrow our democracy and has never left influencing on FB and Social Media, we are supposed to believe he had no idea Russians were having a meeting in Trump Tower? Really? Jesus weeps at the lies, the fraud, the Moloch-spirited Trump and his administration and the Republicans.

On the subject of Clinton's sexcapade impeachment that may have been engineered to entrap and get rid of him, rumor is the Mossad was involved. (Clinton and and Rabin were brokering a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel which the ultra-right wing segments of the Israeli population opposed vehemently.) A curse was placed upon Rabin because of it. An ultra right wing agitator assassinated Rabin with the help of like-minded security forces who did not protect Rabin and like-minded officials in the opposing party. Bebe was against the brokered peace which would have stopped the building of settlements...(see Amos Gitai's film Rabin: The Last Day). What family is heavily involved with the building of settlements in Israel? Quid pro quo deals going on between Kushner, Trump, Bebe? Why not? If Rabin were alive, that would have been opposed.
As for sexcapades? Good Christian Republicans were paying for their mistresses' abortions then and now, while attempting to curtain Women's Rights for abortions. In Texas and Indiana, Missouri closing clinics for poor women (Planned Parenthood) decreases their access to healthcare. Who pays the bill for the Republicans' mistresses' abortions? Were we charged as a matter of course for their congressional duty? Is the media checking into this? What about some excellent Fox "News" investigative reporting? We were charged for Republicans' sex abuse and predation lawsuits. We paid off their legal fees when aides and interns sued them for sexual harassment.

Don't believe me? Look it up. Republicans will never take care of their own bills if they can find an idiot somewhere to pick up the tab. The idiot is U.S. taxpayers who are footing the bill for Trump's $100 million dollar golf outings, for the excesses of  Scott Pruitt, for Ryan Zinke's corruptions and Tom Price's and many more.
Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior in the Trump administration
I digress to the present. Let's move back to Bush Jr. and the beginning of the longest war in history, by the way a war which was grounded in the Unitary Executive Theory which put all power in the hands of Dick Cheney, (see the film VICE, it's fairly accurate) under the auspices of now dead Supreme Court Justice, the cheerful, bombastic, blowhard Anton Scalia. Obviously a Federalist Society tool, Scalia supported Gore not becoming president and Cheney's Halliburton reaping untold profits off a spin-off war that persists today. Speaking of war, there are unknown involvements with hot spots in Africa and elsewhere that we and Congress are kept distracted about (Eric Prince's war machine is involved). And one distraction is to go hat in hand with subpoenas to the "above the law" Trump administration.

War is profitable. The other Lords of War Defense contractors feed off the trough of tax payer dollars, millions and millions of dollars with no accountability, literally, losing money like that $16 million line item that they could not find. That has happened under Bush Jr., Obama and the current president. That lost money? Into someone's plush pockets while Social programs are cut and the First Responders have to go on bended knee with John Stewart's vilification of congress to get additional money to pay for their cancer treatments. This is beyond shameful; it is EVIL.Think about all of those who died during this unjust war (women and children and families as casualtiesl) which gave Cheney power and money and consolidated power in the Executive Branch illegally. It is a war that has militarized our nation at home, a war based on lies, like the shameful Viet Nam War which benefited the political hacks who supported it. The families and children dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ill will that this continued war has created? Jesus wept!
The Federalist Society
The Federalist Society behind Scalia, Kavanaugh, the Unitary Executive Theory and the tax breaks for billionaires has no respect for democracy, no respect for the Middle Class, and every worshipful desire to see the money brought by their politicos right into their investment accounts. They are the slave makers. It is a "New World Order" for them brought to you by Citizens United (look it up) and the power of the Executive Branch which Barr and Trump and the Trumpists and Republican party incorrectly, illegally adhere to. They are anarchists who do not follow the rule of law. They vitiate the U.S. Constitution of its three branches of government by making the Executive Branch the sole and exclusive body adhered to as Trump and Barr and former WH officials defy subpoenas. This is a fraud. This is a violation of their oaths of office. Jesus wept!

Without the three branches functioning to submit to each other, the constitution has been voided. No one branch can exist without the other two. Thus, the 2nd Amendment no longer applies as it cannot exist on its own basis wiping out the other two branches. Trump and Barr have wiped out their supremacy and nullified their power. Either they adhere to the law or they don't. If they don't, they abrogate the law. Their power only exists by virtue of the "balances" of the other branches. It's one for all three or none. Thus, we are in a state of anarchy. Trump does not have to be listened to or adhered to if he and Barr refuse to answer subpoenas. He is not president and with his VP must be removed OR he submits to subpoenas. That's his job. He cannot be above the U.S. Constitution which has given him his powers with the other two branches. If he tries to, he has no power. Neither does Barr. When will constitutional lawyers realize this?

Women's March 2017 (Carole Di Tosti)
The Constitution was supposed to safeguard democracy in its ability to evolve the rights of the citizens of the United States. This is not happening today. And I mourn for what I thought existed as a document which would allow citizens, especially black and Native Americans and women and ethnic groups, and disparate genders to prosper and attempt to live freely. I thought the assumption was that in our government and history, anyone who was President would be moving the country in the direction of equanimity for all citizens. This is human decency and benefits the greater good and protects the peace. It is doubly protected socially, if there is economic equality (60%-40%). The president in a position of power must stand up first for the least privileged in the nation, for the most privileged can make it and have, on their own. The opposite is the case in the U.S. The political culture is illegal, immoral, indecent, genocidal and sadistic and it is spreading its soul rot despite all the fake Christians who support it as the deaf, dumb and blind reprobate dogs returning to their vomit. These are Christians? No, the devil has crept into the church and the pastors are wolves in sheeps' clothing which Jesus warned about. Jesus wept!

We've had egregious backward moments in our history that were anti-constitutional: WWII-the internment of the first generation Japanese-American citizens, disproportionate number of blacks in our prisons-another slave culture,  the Chinese Exclusion Act which ended in the 1940s, women's oppression in their decisions about their bodies and in the workplace, Native American treaty violations and land grabs by oil companies.  There was progress made in the 1960s and 1970s until Regan and the Republicans couldn't risk any more "progress" after Nixon went down in infamy and resigned. When Ford got in he carried the torch of the Republican Party and pardoned Nixon; the country responded with its approval of Carter, a Democrat who is still alive and whose Christianity is greater than all the current evangelical fakes like the Juniors (Franklin Graham, Falwell Jr.) Pat Robertson, etc.

But that was then this is now. The former Republicans-Regan and the Bushes gave lip service to the U.S. Constitution and found a semblance of honor in the offices of government. They acted like the people of the nation mattered and the rule of law mattered. There was humiliation with Nixon; there was an admission of guilt and hope to do better. But Nixon was a thinker, a writer, to some extent a philosopher. This current administration? Trump is ADHD; he is learning disabled and most probably now moving on toward advanced dementia. His background of privilege destroyed him and subverted his sense of empathy for all but himself. He is a psychopath and a sociopath. Read his biography. Open your eyes to what is happening at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. There are internment camps for children who are being mistreated in violations of the Geneva Convention. Human Rights Watch must report this inhuman travesty to the UN before more children die. The current lies that Trump is putting families together is the biggest lie of all. He is a masochist and sadist of incredible proportions; his dementia is making him worse.
Protest against the government shutdown, 2018, a crisis that Trump made and which caused the government more money than if the government workers were paid. Another great strategy.
Today, I mourn that our country has stopped attempting to live up to the greatness of what the constitution brings in its potential for evolution as a living document to make the lives of its citizens free with economic opportunity. It is no more. It has been vitiated and nullified. Soon, eyes will be opened to the fact that either the three branches operate or we are a kingdom. Trump has usurped power denying he must submit to the other branches.

Because he is a criminal and doesn't want to be exposed, he must be removed by the military, since the constitution no longer exists. Impeachment is not an option any more. The three branches do not function. The constitution is inoperative. There is no law being followed. Thus, the military must take the reigns of power for the good of the country. The Trumpist Party is a canard, a fraud. The individual who occupies the White House is there illegally and unlawfully. He has nullified our constitution and three branches of government in balance and operation. Either the U.S. is not a dictatorship, or the military removes him and the VP and holds new elections because their commander and chief has usurped power and control. The constitution no longer applies. Trump has killed it and must be removed and arrested.  Jesus Wept!

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