Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupying Times Square: The Greatest Show on Earth: Including a Global Cast of Thousands

These pictures were taken last night around 7:00 PM. I was there in support. I am a part of Occupy Nation. We truly are the 99%.

If you are not pulling in a minimum of 10 million a year salary, do not have homes globally, your kids have not been private schooled at Andover, Choate, etc. and you do NOT NETWORK with those with homes in Newport, and other elite environs like Hyde Park, then think again if you THINK you are well off. Lose your job, it's over? You are not one of the 1%. Get divorced and your wife reduces your bank account considerably (or the reverse-you divorce her) and you or she takes one of the two houses and you have to work longer hours and/or get a raise to be as comfortable as you were before? You are the 99%. Have your pension reduced? Have your SS cut off? What interest are you getting in your bank accounts lately? 0%. Chase is making over 4% on mortgage loans. You have $100,000 with them, you get how much a year in interest? They turn around and use your money to generate a profit. The government has given them that cushion of over 4%. They loan out your money and make $4,000. Multiply that by thousands. Is there something wrong with this picture? YES. YOU ARE NOT JAMIE DIMOND.

Finally, stop identifying "coolly" with the Democrats because they are getting things done. Are they? We know the Republicans and who and what they think of the 99%. INVISIBLE, USELESS, the little people whose "religion" can be exploited so that their shills and puppets can be elected to do their dirty work. If you vote for them and get what you deserve and think they are great, then you must be one of the 1%. Congratulations and God bless you. You must be a Puritan. (They believed that riches helped show their righteousness and got them into heaven faster than those poor who didn't work.)

Well, our eyes are opening. There is a ground swell of anger and annoyance to DO SOMETHING VIABLE, beyond mouthing "change,"  "change,"  "change." Be a supporter. You probably are part of the 99% anyway.  And if you have at least 4-7 multi-million dollar properties, then you certainly won't be reading a blog like this. lololol

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Anonymous said...

To those who think they can afford to live in Manhattan apts, eat at high-end restaurants, pull in 6 figured salary; buy overpriced products without wincing, think again. You are just a wannabe! U do not belong to the elite 1%! Not until you have several offshore accounts, global residents and a severance pay in millions for failing to do your job! You are not the 1%.

Carole Di Tosti said...

Truly! And there are hundreds and thousands of those who "aspire" to be wealthy, rather than aspire to be good. That's why the good folks have to get to the streets and speak out against such twisted values that exponentially burgeoned in the Me, Me, Me generation of the 1980s (when derivatives were invented, by the way). For evil to flourish, good people do nothing.

Pack Your Luggage Blog said...

One of my friends boyfriend is in New York on a Phd. seminar. We live in Finland and he was quite surprised that on the opening ceremony they were serving hot dog and they get hamburger for lunch. He was saying that there is hardly any vegetable in any of the food. I was quite shocked to hear it,because I thought at least at these kind of "academic" places they pay a bit more attention to healthy living..

Carole Di Tosti said...

No unfortunately that is why many in this country are suffering from obesity, overweight and various conditions. (even the academics And it is also why Food Day:

is a good idea: it was established by a vegetarian. I am into live food, veggies, etc. I never eat meat and rarely eat fish. Thanks for the comment.