Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The DO NOTHING QAnon White Supremacist Party, Support Putin's Genocide, Support Jan 6th SEDITION, Support WAR WEAPONS killing Kids

Robb Elementary School Ulvade, Texas (courtesy of the site)
 The war weapons white domestic terrorist former Republican Party are winning the war against American citizens on all fronts financial and domestic. They uphold tyranny against the American people who no longer have unalienable rights: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness because the party adheres to the corporate vision that the citizens are commodities to be abused, exploited, killed. The mission is money and power. Citizen deaths are necessary to keep the QAnon party in money and power.

The war weapons party (including DINO Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema) are made rich by lobbyists whose sole intent is to prevent regulations that would curtail their profits. Their MO to be in power is not to serve the American people, but to serve themselves. They get paid millions in dark money to effect tyranny by corporations who rule over the American people by fiat.

They are paid: to pass no laws regulating war weapons. They are paid to pass no laws outlined in the Biden agenda to BBB: to help working families take care of children and elderly who are debilitated or sick. They are paid to pass no laws regulating toxic chemicals (by the thousands) polluting food, air, water, products citizens consume or use. They are paid to pass no laws properly regulating dangerous medical devices, drugs, etc. They are paid to pass no laws that make equivalent taxation percentages from the wealthiest to the poorest of citizens. The rich do not pay into the government yet have the greatest say in killing citizens. These corporate rich avoid taxes yet have the greatest voice in controlling the QAnon white domestic terrorist party.

 A parent mourning her child (courtesy of the site)
In short, this reprobate, party is derelict of duty in passing laws that benefit the average citizens. They run after money and only pass laws that benefit the rich. They are paid so that they do not pass laws that as in the Declaration of Independence accused the tyrant king of doing: not assenting to laws that are the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. 

When was the last time QAnon Mitch McConnell or QAnon Kevin McCarth pass laws necessary for the public good? Definition of public? Not private corporate donors. Definition of good? Not allow citizens to have life, liberty, happiness ended or threatened.

The QAnon war weapons party are aligned with money. They are prostitutes who go with the highest bidder whether it be foreign governments i.e. Putin or Saudi Arabia, that are paying them to create domestic terrorism in every form with a lack of corporate regulation. They are in dereliction of their duty to protect the American people. They refuse to work with Democrats.

Amerie Jo Garza is held by her father Angel Garza. (Angel Garza, CNN)
 The quality of life in the United States has deteriorated. Children are no longer safe because of weapons of war that are unregulated in most states. Citizens are the prey of corporations whose mission is to exploit them first. They do not worry about the wake of dead bodies they leave behind them from: 1)chemicals in the food, air, water citizens consume 2)products they use 3)products created by the medical industrial complex. The threat of lawsuits is not a threat. By the time the corporations are found to be negligent, they have collected 10,000 X the money to pay off a class action suit against them and court fees. Killing citizens is the greatest profit corporations have because there are no risks.

 The minority leader of the QAnon white supremacist Party Mitch McConnell (courtesy of the site)

The Do Nothing party of terrorists allows corporations to remain unregulated so that citizens are viewed as commodities and their rights as human beings have been vitiated. Lobbyists are not the public good. They are their own good. Corporations are their own good, not the public good. QAnon white domestic terrorist party is its own good. It is a tyrannical, dangerous party whose mission it is to make war against the citizens who vote Democratic and resist them. They make war against their own people, who are their mental, emotional and physical slaves; their bodies are given over to the use of corporate exploitation and slow death. They give themselves over to exploitation and slow death willingly so they won't be construed to be Democrats, massively propagandized by tactics used by Russian military intelligence.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (Conn) has a bill ready to be passed to confront kids killed by war weapons (courtesy of the site)
They are the Putinista Stalinist oppressor party. If this sounds extreme, it is because it is the reality of the extremist uber right wing party headed up by Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader. Their intent is to make money. They are derelict of duty in passing laws that are the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

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