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'VAXXED:' The Tribeca Film Festival Entry That Dropped Off the Map and Into the Public's Hearts

By now, those who are connected with Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal's Tribeca Film Festival, including journalists, ticketholders, sponsors, filmmakers, celebrities and others have learned how Robert De Niro was pressured to cancel showing the documentary Vaxxed From Cover-up to Catastrophe. Notification of the film has been disappeared from the Tribeca Film Festival and all those working at the festival must disavow any prior involvement in Vaxxed- that such a film exists and is being shown in NYC.
Tribeca FF guide

What's the fuss? At the heart of the film now being shown at Angelika Film Center in New York City and elsewhere is the MMR vaccine. The problem? The film features a CDC whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson, a former Merck scientist who became a senior epidemiologist at the CDC’s Immunization Safety department in 1997). Dr. Thompson in a phone conversation states that the research investigating the MMR vaccine was falsely reported. The whistleblower indicates that the research was skewed. Skewed how? It was skewed to deny that there is a causal relationship between the vaccine and autisim.  
According to the CDC whistleblower there is an increased incidence of those who have been given the MMR vaccine and autism. Does every child vaccinated with the vaccine MMR develop autism? No. However, if even one child developed autism as a result of the vaccine, it should be pulled. There are more than one anecdotal incidents of parents relating that their children became autistic after being injected with the MMR vaccine. These parents are represented in the film Vaxxed. The problem is that the numbers for children with autism have increased exponentially over the years that the vaccine has been given. Which is worse? Your child getting autism perhaps, or your child getting Measles, Rubella or Mumps? According to studies and scientists there is no controversy. The vaccine is safe. If not, why did the whistleblower risk his life and career coming forward?
Does the vaccine for MMR contribute to autism in certain individuals? Photo courtesy of the film.
Is there a causative factor between the MMR vaccine and autism? According to the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) and its minions in mainstream media and elsewhere, the MMR vaccine is perfectly fine for every child being vaccinated. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle does not apply to medicine: did you know? So according to those in the MIC who support this vaccine, there is no doubt about this vaccine, no problem, no uncertainty. According to them it is perfect, safe, perfect, safe, perfect, safe, perfect, perfect, perfect for all children. It's a sure thing.

First off, there is a problem with this reasoning. Not every human being responds the same to every chemical substance. Every human body is different; you know that simply from hearing about individuals' allergic reactions-one is allergic to cats or penicillin, another is not. So you know the reasoning is off. One shoe does not fit every foot. Likewise one vaccine may be safe for one individual and cause autism for another. There is no vaccine, no medicine that is a sure thing. Drugs and foods and all chemical substances may cause allergic reactions, may induce side effects, create catastrophe or lead to death. There is uncertainty about every chemical that is man made. That is why we have the FDA and government regulation and agencies like the CDC to monitor our drug safety and weigh the levels of uncertainty. If a drug's danger risk outweighs its benefits,they will pull the drug and ban it. Unless, of course, government agencies are not independent bodies but are pressured and controlled by corporations.

According to Director Andrew Wakefield former doctor retaliated against for initially exposing concerns about the MMR vaccine, these two lines should track together and be as one. The fact they do not is a problem and the results were changed to have them track together to make it look all was fine in the study about MMR. Photo from the film Vaxxed.
Secondly, the MIC has created for itself a horrific track record with the results of faulty and skewed research being accepted because profits must be made. This has effected dire consequences. Reports of pulled medicines hit the news media every year, especially alternative media not in concert with pharmaceutical companies through advertising. Faulty and troublesome medical devices and medicines have brought on class action lawsuits. The public has gained increased awareness of the MIC's "faux pas" because many of them have led to damage and the death of loved ones. The pain and suffering has been acute and families have been victimized. At the least, knowledge and the awareness that doctors are not saviors and Big Pharma oligarchies are not friendly, helpful and concerned for human welfare are concepts gaining critical mass.

The FB page of The Epoch Times carried the story. Photo ET.
What happened with Tribeca Film Festival pulling Vaxxed is now gaining critical mass as a part of that awareness and mistrust of the MIC. The public is increasingly skeptical about medical research (often conducted dependently and not via independent, non profit research centers with no ties to Big Pharma) which give a pass to medicines that are then pushed by doctors to patients. The public increasingly questions why vaccines are mandated, no choice is given and the court system to protest such is separate and apart from the established justice system. The public is tired of having to accept the role of guinea pig and research rat, of being the passive, non-vocal, unwitting, defenseless and uncomplaining citizenry swallowing what our "betters" tell us for "our own good." We are tired of this role because the FDA and government bodies like the CDC who were established to protect citizens, instead, are loyal to the MIC

Thus, with an increasingly aware public, pulling such a film from the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival backed by NYC beloved Robert De Niro was one of the worst PR gaffs that could ever be created for/by Big Pharma and its vaccine lobby. Such a decision to pressure an individual with the gravitas and celebrity of De Niro was wrongheaded thinking. Immediately, upon the announcement, cries of censorship abounded and questions were raised. Who got to De Niro? Was the film irresponsible or truthful? What was the big deal, anyway? How could such censorship be allowed in a country based on principles of "freedom of the press" and "free speech?" What?
Del Bigtree, Medical Journalist: Vaxxed

De Niro and the festival were victimized and cast in the light of the underdog. Social media on Vaxxed began a fire storm and the film has been shown at Angelika Film Center in NYC not one night, not two, but three weeks and more. De Niro gradually has begun to speak out about what happened. The film's director and film subjects have spoken out on Social Media and it is going viral. Indeed, the irony in all of this is that the public has opened its heart to Vaxxed. Many more people will see this film than ever would have in its formerly scheduled one time showing at Tribeca Film Festival. One would almost think that it is a conspiracy to have effected such a gaff which backfired and is so controversial that it is promoting the film. Social media loves controversy and democratic debate, despite the trolls hired to quash it.

The story is now simmering in public hearts and will gain momentum. The players have been cast in an interesting light: corporate media controlled by conglomerates censors what conglomerates want censored. The Vaxxed filmmakers are heroes. The filmmaker who questioned the film being shown, debunking the film before she even saw it appears jealous and complaining. De Niro is brilliant for "caving" to pressure to pull the film, "unwittingly" creating the backlash.

To publicize the festival, De Niro has also commented on the film when asked questions about it. Most recently, on The Today Show, De Niro commented to the effect that it is a film people should see. His son has autism. Clearly, he would be interested if there was a possible causative link between autism and any portion of the MMR vaccine. Indeed, with his statements about Vaxxed, he has given an imprimatur for an additional investigation about the issues the film presents, an investigation that is independent and apart from any corporate funding research foundation. At the very least we need to see the film and decide for ourselves, especially if a CDC whistleblower has indicated the research was changed to give the vaccine a pass when it was clearly shown to be potentially catastrophic for certain individuals.
Facebook group concerned about scientific drug fraud.

More information about this subject, the film Vaxxed, its censorship, and the whistleblower can be found on the sites below. For sites denouncing the film, check Indiewire, and other articles.

DeNiro on the Today Show:

Manhattanites can see Vaxxed at the Angelika Film Center (petition for an extension) and the Manhattan Film Festival (see below)

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