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White Supremacist President Trump Has no Place In THE WHITE HOUSE

The Whited Wall surrounding the White House, Protest Signs and a future president give it meaning (courtesy of the site)
White supremacy is nothing new in our nation. What is new is a president who upholds racism and white supremacy in a public show of pretentious force. And it is new when our country has lived through racially based crises each generation since the Civil War and Reconstruction and the current administration uplifts RACISM, pushing us back to the "good ole days." Throughout Trump's presidency, he has condoned and enabled white supremacists to rise without decrying or criticizing such behavior. With this administration everything is MAGA.

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has inferred that the United States was never really "great," considering its history of racism, discrimination against ethnic groups, women and LGBT communities; and its imperialism and genocide of Indigenous Peoples and more. Trump's very program of MAGA is white supremacist. It obviates the history of oppression and lifts up the preeminence of the white male for being loathsome, indecent and predatory. Such a concept is demeaning to every US citizen and the constitution. It is the crux of why Donald Trump is in the WH with the help of a chief white supremacist, Vladimir Putin.

Proof of Trump's enduring white supremacist notions goes back to his grandfather who was a whoremonger and preyed upon women, then his father who was a racist and supporter of the U.S. Nazi movement in the 1920s. Today, it resides in Trump's appointing a staff member like Steven Miller who is the voice behind the Muslim ban, the immigrant bans and the Southern Border cages where migrants are placed and whose children have been displaced and cruelly separated from parents for months. White supremacists have determined Trump's base. One has only to look online for evidence of this during the years of his presidency.
The photo op that trampled first amendment rights of peaceful protestors (courtesy of the CBS)

After Trump's inauguration, the KKK and David Duke had a celebratory march. Other such marches followed around the country. Trump welcomed them and roiled up the white supremacists in his rallies. These have been enabled by Trump. And they have continued their support of themselves and their cause (replete with neo Nazi and Confederate flags) with marches like the one in Charlottesville, Va. where chants of "Jews will not replace us," and the Nazi slogan "blood and soil" identified their fascist beliefs. Make no mistake. These groups hate people of color, the LGBT community, the #MeToo Movement and religions that are not a fragmented and twisted Christianity.

Domestic terrorists like Dylann Roof responsible for the 2015 massacre at a black church have been on watchlists. But since Trumpism, the active designation of white supremacists as terrorists has been obscured. Christopher Wray head of the FBI to his credit has stood up to Trump attacks. Nevertheless,  hate groups have been given a pass by Trump's rhetoric and his refusal to decry racism and anti-semitic groups like the KKK, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Boogaloo Bois, Daily Stormer, Breitbart (which helped to get him elected) and many more including @QAnon.

Using elements of racism and discrimination, Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, The New York Post and other news organizations and groups, have at their foundation, core values that oppose the constitution and amendments (that uphold equality and due process under the law for every citizen). Toward anti-American, domestic, terrorist hate groups, Trump has been silent. On the other hand all former presidents from President George Bush Jr. to Jimmy Carter, as well as former Republicans, have spoken against these groups and Trump's position, especially after the march and death of Heather Heyer during the Charlottesville, Va. march of white nationalists.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden speaks out about racism (courtesy of the CBS)

 Acknowledging Trump's criminal negligence in losing so many lives on his watch during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of whom have been black and Hispanic, due to economic institutional racism and injustice, U.S. citizens young and old are enraged. The breaking point of George Floyd's lynching has created a turning point. Is it any wonder that the situation has been completely exposed under this president who cares so little for American taxpayers save his wealthy supporters? As for his white supremacist base? He tickles their ears with his jokes, but leaves them in the dust when distributing tax dollars to improve their economic situation, which is predominately middle and lower middle class.

Only the wealthy need apply when it comes to the Trumptocracy. It is an irony that the white supremacy which he refused to condemn became unleashed in a wave of police brutality that not even the wealthy white supremacists can overcome with lies. Trumpism is imploding of its own inner rot as I write this. The whole world is watching and joining in protest, and the globe groans with the weight of his incompetence.  His inequities and iniquities choke off our breath, as does COVID or the knee of white discrimination on the neck of Americans as Trump favors the wealthy over everyone else.

Trump administration and GOP gaslighting keep racism and discrimination from accurately reporting COVID 19 deaths and POLICE BRUTALIZATION deaths. All is well in TRUMPLAND. See

The Black Lives Matter peaceful protests were a long time coming. It is fitting they should explode into the sunlight with this unjust, tyrannical president. The press which has grown increasingly conservative propped up by editorialists like The New York Times' recently resigned James Bennet, have done little in the way of investigative journalism to ameliorate the injustices of Trumpism.

Peaceful protest in front of the White House before tear gassing and rubber bullets were fired (courtesy of the CBS)

Most news organizations have willfully fallen down on their mission to spotlight police brutality. Apparently, it has been unproductive to focus on the massive systemic corruption in American institutions: educational, justice, housing. Articles by concerned journalists have appeared. However they have been a sop extinguished by conservative media both online and televised who refuse to deal with the black experience in America. Trump has drained the lifeblood of a free press by dominating it with his lies, fleshly rhetoric, rants and accusatory, whiny, self-victimization. He has made the nation into a mental institution, a Bedlam, where he unleashes his psychosis and we are left to cringe at his insanities and inanities. To avoid listening to his diatribes and mendacity, many pull the "blanket" of avoidance over their heads. Many were driven to escape into media land distractions, live entertainment, movies, live sports...until the pandemic shut everything down. Woe and hell for the red necks who don't read.

Massive protests in Philadelphia (courtesy of The Insider)

Swelled by Trumpism's brainlessness and wantonness, the media, for the most part, has obscured difficult and complicated issues which Social media groups attempt to bring to the fore in an election year.

Where there have been gaps, everyday citizens fill in the spaces bravely. With their phone cameras, they are the investigative journalists in real time. The tell-tale George Floyd lynching is the case in point. For the young and the old who have been intentionally obtuse and occupied with their own mess, this has been an eye opening horror. For the 1960s protestors and marchers, it has been a reminder that racism dies hard, lynching is alive and well in the US, and injustice in our "glorious" institutions continues to the point that all of us are being smothered by it. We are reeling from the stench and toxicity of poisoned gas coming from the mouth and behind of a criminal president and his lackeys, chief of which William Barr is perhaps the most hideous.

DOJ William Barr is in lock step with Trump obeying his every wish regardless of its legality (courtesy of the CBS)
The mass protests which white supremacists attempted to stop with chaos-burnings and destruction of property- followed by the admonitions of Trump that the protests were either illegal or generated by "Antifa," continue. The peaceful protests are legal. The destruction of property is criminal. The politicized fear spreading by white supremacists is also inciting to riot. The separation between criminal behavior and peaceful protest is a schism. It will be made clear to what extent the destruction and burning of black businesses was effected by white supremacists whose hatred was unleashed at an opportune time.

Barr and Trump blamed Antifa (antifascist) which Frank Figliuzzi (former Assistant Director of Counterintelligence at the FBI) states is a group which isn't even organized and is merely a handle for anyone who is against fascism, meaning against Trumpism.  Blaming this non existent group gives Trump the legitimacy to militarize and weaponize the situation. Meanwhile, if President Eisenhower, the WWII General who liberated the Auschwitz camps of Nazi fascists were alive, he would arrest all the white supremacist militias who demean our nation that fought and overcame the Italian and German fascist party. Eisenhower is ANTIFA. Trump as "Big Brother" (read 1984) has twisted criminality and hatred and made it his MAGA good.

Evidence of this is clear. He ordered military troops to use tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a peaceful protest so he could stand with a Bible for his photo op. How he got to this position is humorous. He had to come out looking "strong and brave" after news reports that he wussied out hiding in the WH bunker in fear, as peaceful protestors marched outside the WH. He recoiled instead of encouraging their peaceful advocacy against the murder of George Floyd by white supremacist police. His cowardice to hide, as his cowardice to get out of the Viet Nam War by pleading "bone spurs," is typical. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, people place signs and placards around the fence that Trump had built around the WH to wall him in from the American people. He is a creature of walls, of paranoia, of excessive fear and guilt. He would spread it when it is convenient: "Antifa" vs. opening up the country to contract COVID 19 so he can boast of a "great" economy for MAGA. His gaslighting is toxic; the "I can't breathe" meme fitting.

Jim Clyburn House Rep. D speaks on CBS about the protests

His photo op backfired with the country and the protests continue, followed by the outcry by American congressmen, mayors, governors in leadership: Andrew Cuomo (NY gov), Nancy Pelosi (Cal. D) James Clyburn (SC-D) and countless others. Of course, the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to speak out as do former presidents Barack Obama, George Bush Jr., Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Their raised voices and the voices of peaceful protestors who march chanting "Black Lives Matter" have reached to the heavens. The Pope and other global leaders have come out decrying racism, joining in the chorus to petition for systemic change. Surely, God has heard. If you believe in "freedom and justice for all," tenets espoused by Christ and upheld in the Magna Carta, constitutional amendments, the Torah (in the ten commandments) and other religious belief systems, then followers of Christianity, Judaism, indeed every religion practiced around the world, should support the movement for equality. It is a movement which represents that all should be entitled to equal justice under the law, especially multicultural groups. One should not have to fear being lynched or abused/predatorized for not being a white male.

Trump, Trumpism, the Trumptocracy, including white evangelicals and white supremacists that support it are on notice. Though Trump doesn't say it, events of the past weeks have clarified the situation for American taxpayers. Far be it from Trump to condemn himself and his base of white supremacist, neo Nazi, KKK supporters. And as these groups breathe the Trumpy air in our nation, so do Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator from Kentucky, and Lindsey Graham Republican House member from South Carolina. They and the white supremacist, pederastic Republican Party support this toxicity. Putin's and Koch's money blinds them. Their eyes have not been opened though many white independent voters' eyes have been opened. If they honored their positions and the US taxpayer, they would, like Oedipus, pluck out their eyes in accepting the truth. They cannot, will not, they refuse: they remain the unwise accomplices to murder by COVID 19 and the maintenance of a wicked maladministration.

Banksy joined the protests with this work (courtesy of The Guardian)

They and other Americans must acknowledge what black, Latinex (some, not all) Native American, Muslim, and other multicultural groups have recognized with Trumpism. The one who is in the position of the presidency of the U.S. has attained that seat of power, fraudulently, with Putin's help. Trump negligence has caused harm, death and destruction. He is a white supremacist and egoist. Neither are acceptable in the executive branch of the government, what is left of it, as there are few checks and balances left, except for the lower courts and Sovereign Nation States' Rights.

The truth has been exposed. Evangelical Christianity has been subsumed under the rubric of white supremacy. Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham Jr. and others refuse to denounce the lynching of George Floyd. They refuse to denounce Trump's blasphemy of holding the Bible. That act alone is evidence of his "law and order" (a misnomer if ever there was one) tear gassing peaceful protestors and shredding the first amendment for a photo op. Likewise, the  GOP refuses to denounce the abrogation of the constitution and the abuse of power in using military force against the public, a contravention of our national laws. We must conclude they are white supremacists. We must open our eyes to the ugliness. And we must not allow this to continue. Trump and his administration must go, the sooner the better.

“At first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue. But why would I do that? It’s not their problem, it’s mine," Banksy's Instagram page, The Guardian.

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