Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 Trump always does Putin's bidding. Putin wants the US to evaporate so he can become head of the USSR, in a return to socialism/communism via Stalinist policies


Donald Trump advocates default. That's because he doesn't know what that means. But all he knows is that is what Putin is pushing him to do. If Republicans can create conspiracy theories, that so can Democrats. Except, Trump is telling McCarthy and his QAnon cultists like Marjorie Taylor Green and others that Biden should be slimed with defaulting the economy. Extort whatever Republicans want, Democrats must be left holding the slop bag. That will position Trump for his great win as "King of the Universe."

E. Jean Carroll won the defamation suit against Trump, once. She'll win twice as he defamed her again at CNN's Town Hall. And she will keep on taking him to court because he will continue to defame her. He hates women, her and himself. Who could ask for anything more? He can't shut his mouth.

Been here, done that with COVID-19. If there's one thing about Trump, it's that he is not an original. He sticks to the same treadmill because when you have limited acuity and creativity, you repeat and repeat and repeat, the same rat running in the wheel, convincing oneself that he is going and seeing for miles and miles. Trump is a fantasist. His father encouraged him to dream big. He did. He went bankrupt six times, is probably bankrupts now, except the RNC is fundraising off his fantasies that will never ever become reality. These are fantasies that his hired audience cheer whenever he says them...and then the true dupes chime in. You know, "The Wall. A Big Beautiful Wall." That was such a money maker, Steve Bannon raised over $100,000 off it and that's only what the Feds could discover. It was probably much more.

Trump fund raises off of anything because he (self-described) as a billionaire has no advantages or privileges, though you can "grab 'em in the pussy" when you're a celebrity, because they let you do anything. If you read accounts of Nicole Simpson, that is what OJ did to her, also. And look where that got her!

Ron DeSantis is waiting in the wings for Trump to implode on himself. He plans to be Trump on steroids. Hey if white supremacists like his anti LGBTQ, women, students, peacenik policies, he can be an even bigger loser than Trump. Is it possible?

Well, Trump wants default? Default means BANKRUPTCY. Is it any wonder that he is pushing default, bankruptcy? That is a territory he is all too familiar with. His administration left us with the highest debts in history. He raised the debt ceiling three times. He gave $two trillion to billionaires. That is OK. But when it comes to scum Democrats? They are not Americans. Democrats are his enemy and Biden who beat him "like a drum," is his enemy. So Biden must suffer. He must be blamed with default...UNLESS. Unless Biden throws millions off medicaid,  cuts Social Security, vitiates Obamacare, stabs Vets in the face and on and on. In other words, McCarthy the puppet must do Trump's bidding just like Trump is doing Putin's bidding. A defaulted US economy means strength for Russia, already debilitated terribly by its failing war in Ukraine. Remember, his generals assured him his "great" military would go in Ukraine and wipe them out in two days?

Trump is pushing McCarthy to default or extort everything he wants, meaning to destroy all social programs which help US voters. Either way, US voters lose. If Biden is smart, he should default. The donors to the Republican party will lose the most, as will Wall Street. That's all of them.

Fantasists. Trump. Putin. McCarthy. Evil is the abuse of power based on lies. Lies never work for very long. Because liars are psychotic and sick to the root. A sick plant never produces fruit that lasts. All it does is create chaos, mostly for themselves so they don't have to look at what they are, losers. Failures. Weak. Debilitated. Handicapped. Infirm.

Trump bankrupted his fortune 7X. He is afloat because the RNC funds him. If the US defaults, what he is advocating, then the Republican donors will lose even greater amounts than the average citizen. Trump's financial ability is so poor, not even his lawyers and accounts can keep him out of arrears or jail. (Alan Weisselberg in jail, Trump indicted for fraud-just the beginning.)

If Biden defaults in this game of chicken, Trump will lose bigely. His loans will be called in. Banks will fail and what then? If Biden gives the Republicans what they want, he will prove he is a tired, old man, not fit to govern. The Democrats will abandon him in droves. He will end his presidency right there. So once again, Trump proves he is a loser by advocating a plan which at the heart of it screws his fans, the American people who are the voters. If he thinks they will vote for him after he is advocating their bankruptcy? He is insane. Truly, as David C. Johnson wrote 'EVERTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES.'

Is this the man who is fit to govern this nation, besides the fact that he is twice impeached, criminally indicted, and successfully sued-now for a second time for defamation? Not of sound mind, for sure.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Slacker Republicans' Tax Cuts For Billionaires and Starvation For The 99% Revealed In Their INTENTION TO DEFAULT THE US: TRAITORS


Republican Kevin McCarthy will go down in history as the most corrupt leader of the House

Lying Republicans' intention to obstruct President Biden using extortion and blackmail about defaulting the US to not extend the debt ceiling is monstrous and treasonous.


1)Republicans posture that they represent fiduciary responsibility is fraud.

Under Presidents Reagan and Bush, Republicans lowered taxes on the wealthy (then millionaires) and raised the taxes on everyone else. The outsourced industry give tax breaks to corporations who built up wealth overseas while paying the US worker record minimum wages. They blamed Democrats for outsourcing and destroying a business climate. Reagan was responsible as well as destroying unions. He and Bush with the profits of the wars created a billionaire class.  

The billionaire class through the Federalist Society bought the Supreme Court. Through the court they passed CITIZENS UNITED which made corporations persons and allowed foreign donors to purchase politicians, to wit, Republican politicians. Undisclosed millions was given to Republicans who then obstructed democratic progress in passing bills to help the underclasses (not millionaires now billionaires)

  Republican posturing is against the 14th amendment of the Constitution and threatens the nation security. Above is the preamble to the constitution, reminding us that the people, not the politicians have the true power. The people are against the Republican party-their numbers are legion because Republicans are slacker, derelict scofflaws.

2)Republicans holding the debt ceiling should not be raised for the probity of the budget is FRAUD

Under previous Republican administrations Reagan, Bush, Bush Jr., there was no attempt to lower the debt. Under Clinton the debt was lowered, but Republicans spread the convenient lie that to do it, his administration stole from Social Security, bankrupting it. That is a lie that many thought was true. Republicans lie. That's all they do. Lie and cheat and thieve and kill whenever possible (through rotten healthcare in collusion with Health Insurance and the Medical Industrial Complex and in wars they used to enrich themselves and their donors).

3)Republicans implication that they never raised the debt ceiling is a misrepresentation and fraud.

Under Donald Trump (the twice impeached, indicted, Putin elected fraudulent former president) Republicans raised the debt ceiling three times. Extorting President Biden and the nation of programs to help ordinary citizens to cut off the debt and then raise the ceiling is monstrous. Billionaires got their taxes lowered $2 trillion. The rest of the country had to take up their slack. Slacker Billionaires do not pay their equitable share because of pass throughs, hidden accounts, shell companies that hide money and tax havens. They are threatening the national security. Kevin McCarthy (he is undeserving of his position and I will not address him as such) is committing treason for personal gain by foreign donors, most probably Putin, etc.

Trump with Putin in Helinski in secret conversations which were never made public. His treason stinks to heaven. His $2 trillion in tax cuts for billionaires created inflation and increased the debts of the nation to their highest under any president. Republicans thought that was fine. Now they scream and extort the country under the Biden administration. We see, we know. The US citizenry has had enough.

4)Trump created massive debt and pushed the US toward default with the $2 trillion dollar tax decrease in 2017. 

Trump/Republicans created inflation by diving their friends 0% taxes to pay while the rest of the nation had to pay higher interest rates on that debt which now the rest of the country is suffering under. The inflation which President Biden has lowered was created by Republican donor corporations encouraged to keep prices high and create inflation which added to their profits and lowered the economic viability and incomes of the rest of the nation.

Trump allowed massive theft of COVID funds to businesses who were undeserving while allowing the businesses that keep Main Street going to go under. Trump went bankrupt 7X. He is practiced in fiduciary incontinence, default and bankruptcy as are the slacker Republicans and their slacker, greedy donors who don't contribute to the US democracy's coffers while reaping every advantage they can steal.

5)Slacker Republican donors and corporations are on government welfare while pointing the finger at the poor. It is a blasphemy that can no longer stand.

Enough is enough. The billionaire class is psychotic. How many cars do they need? Have they found a way to stave off death. They are mortal. How much do they enjoy starving others, while getting richer? This is the way of the Republicans. President Biden and the rest of the nation are against them.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

E.Jean Carroll Rape Case Against Trump Reveals Trump's Hatred For Women

E. Jean Carroll (courtesy of MSM)
Machismo brands men as masculine. Rape brands men as masculine. If a man has sexual problems (he has to take Viagra for ED or may suffer from premature ejaculation) then his masculinity suffers, especially in his image of himself. The culture in movies, films and TV programs has presented rape as a highly sexualized act, instead of what it is, an act of hatred, annihilation, infirmity and chronic fear of women. 

Rape is committed by men with severe sexual, psychological and emotional problems. The longer the problems go unchecked, the more damaged the man is in his image and his being. If men resort to pornography frequently, (of young women or men), especially if they are married, it is an indication of these issues at play. Unchecked to the extreme, severe sexual, psychological and emotional problems lead to physical violence and hatred for women. At their most extreme, men rapists are also killers.

In the world of LBGTQ individuals, this appears to be less so. Research should be done, however, to see if similar folkways even apply. One might imagine if the same applies, then victims say little to protect the LGBT partner and community. Regardless, folkways of male violence against women fronting as sexual power have existed for millennia. Clearly, rape during wartime is a weapon used to subdue, defeat, annihilate and demoralize the enemy. For violently psychotic males who hate women, raping women gives them a false sense of psychological power and massive sense of masculinity.

Both the power and the masculinity are lies. If raping helped such males, they would only do it once and never rape again. Such is not the case; the underlying infirmity, debility and weakness is still there and always be there until it is dealt with. For men who are married and rape or grope or predatorize other women, clearly, the relationship they have with their wives is a front, a lie, a fraud. In the case of Donald Trump he was a predicate wussy weakling, handicapped in his marriage and in his dealings with women.

E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump (courtesy of MSM)
If a man has severe sexual, psychological and emotional problems, he will not be able to see women as anything but a threat to his masculinity/being especially if he has ED and needs Viagra. She may not even be his wife or partner, however, she provides an occasion to exploit his need for power and sense of masculinity to prove he is not infirm and weak. To a matter of degree, all men may experience this. Each man is individual. The more balanced the man, the healthier psychologically and emotionally, the healthier he is in his attitudes toward women and the more easily he understands or tries to understand such issues. The more loving, the healthier he is.

Rape is not sexual. Rape is hatred. Rape is "male." Rape is the most obvious example of a man's sexual infirmity and debility physically. A raping man is a wussy, a weakling. A male who rapes and forces himself on women or men is committing an act of hatred and violence. It is metaphorical murder. It is also one of the weakest, frightened acts a man can commit.

In the E Jean Carroll case, Carroll and the two witnesses who came forward, especially in the example of Jessica Leeds, testified about the changes they went through after the rape or groping. In both instances Carroll and Leeds changed their appearance to deflect attention on them. E. Jean Carroll was traumatized to the extent she never pursued another relationship again. Leeds said she cut her hair short and toned down her femininity in her outfits. 

Their mistaken assumption was that they could avoid the same happening again by adhering to the folkways which suggest that a woman's "allurement" entices men to rape. Such folkways belie the underlying truths: rape is a psychotic response to the female gender for whatever reason in the particular male. In war it is a weapon. In peacetime it is a weapon warding off the illusory power of the woman which the man fears is greater than his masculinity. One need not be beautiful, attractive or homely to rape her. She must only be a woman. Her gender is the threat to the wussy male who needs to prove he is more powerful and machismo to counteract the fear he is a wussy.

    Jessica Leeds (courtesy of MSM)

For E Jean Carroll and Jessica Leeds, in not coming forward, in their psyche, Trump continued to rape and molest them. It only begins to go away when the woman speaks out and identifies the violence done to her which is illegal under our laws. To not speak out the victim criminalizes herself and frees the perpetrator of accountability for his criminal behavior. Thus, she dons the clothing of the "sin," and feels guilty, dirty, annihilated, unimportant. In exchange the rapist and groper feels justified, energized, his masculinity validated. But once is not enough for the underlying feelings of immobility and powerlessness in the male if he never gets help for his feelings of helplessness, weakness and wussiness.

E Jean Carroll and Jessica Leeds made another mistaken assumption. Not speaking out was what women did in the past. True; they didn't then, they don't now. Women don't easily say they've been sexually predatorized in any era because they, their gender is annihilated, de-sexualized. Oftentimes, rape victims either eschew men altogether or go the opposite way; they attempt to dominate and control men with many sexual relationships, sometimes only once before they move to another man. They look to control. In their attempt to control, they hate, they ridicule the man, they seek revenge psychologically. If they assert themselves, they overcome the powerlessness they felt during the rape. It doesn't work, however. It only makes them weaker, depressed, sometimes suicidal and drug-dependent.

Even in the era of #metoo, depending upon their situation, women still do not speak out today against their violent attackers. Why? Look at Trump's reactions: denial, ridicule, counter-suit, deflection and insult. Trump demeaned Leeds' and Carroll's appearance (an irony because it was decades ago when they were younger-prettier, not that looks matters because 75 year-old women have been raped). To come out against one's attacker and enemy, women have to first overcome the annihilation and slime (guilt, dirtiness, objectification) he has covered her with. She must process it through herself which is incredibly painful psychically, emotionally, physically. Then, she must overcome the male onslaught of folkways that further blame her for "her crime." For the fact that she was raped is her fault. She did something to "provoke" the rapist with her mythic allurement, the fraud of all frauds. So, women must overcome this "folkway" bias established throughout history. 

Re-education that rape is a war crime, that it is a weapon to annihilate spiritually and emotionally a woman's gender by a baby-male who fears women, must happen in our culture and our schools. I suggest that all the males and the women who have bought into the myths to use them to create entertainment rethink what they are doing to promulgate the myth. It is a lie. It shows wussy men. Ironically, gay men are stronger emotionally and psychically then these women hating wussy weaklings who use rape to restore their lost masculinity. A raping man has a terminal illness; he is a wussy forever, unless he attempts to get help to correct this psychosis. Considering how many shows, films, TV programs, books capitalize on men forcing sex on women? The number is in the millions. Re-education is a necessity. Not banning. Besides, the male machismo rape culture is promulgated by Southerners along with the gun machismo culture. No banning would ever happen in the South. They perpetuate their psychoses, happily and call their sickness "owning the libs." They only thing they own is their inferiority, psychosis, emasculated unloving wussy selves.

Women who Trump attacked and came forward to the public (courtesy of MSNBC)
Another reason why women rarely come forward is that according to the folkways, she must "victimize" the violent annihilator by identifying that he is a true weakling and wussy to other men who may have the same fears, but not on that level. Oftentimes, she must identify the wussy coward to the very gender that often goes into policing because it is a "MASCULINE" job. Thus, she must affirm that one of their gender manifested a supreme fear of women by raping to prove his machismo. In other words, the cop is subjected to weakness and psychosocial infirmity which he himself may feel against women. 

The uncomfortableness that the victim feels in reporting her rape? In reporting it, she victimizes the male who hears her story and her strong position of identifying the wussy male. No wonder rape kits haven't been tested by police departments. It is a psychologically victimizing situation for the males whose gender has been emasculated by the rapist trying to prove he is not a wussy. It is uncomfortable for some cops, who themselves, most probably in one way or another are trying not to prove they are wussies.

Back at the time of Trump's predatorization of these women, the folkways blamed the woman for being sexy and luring the male. Because he is such a macho man, he can't resist them. This incredible lie hides that Trump, like all rapists, fears the female gender. His buddy Jeffrey Epstein was so psychotic and wussy, he had to rape teens to feel that machismo which made him forget he was a wussy. 

That folkway of teen girl allurement (the myth that she is too naive to protest or fight back) exists today. It dies hard, especially in religious countries in the Middle East. Thus, women must be hidden, covered up from the male gaze because their beauty is so alluring, the males will rape them, and then in certain sects and areas, the woman is damaged goods and may have to be further annihilated in an honor style killing. This occurs because the men are afraid of being wussies and identified to themselves as the infirm debilitated that they are. 

(L to R): Trump (back to the camera), E. Jean Carroll, John Johnson, Ivana Trump (courtesy MSM)

Indeed, all human beings are debilitated...handicapped. What is the problem? Male's fear of wussiness! By the way, men don't fear being gay, they fear being wussy in regard to females. I imagine even gays fear being wussy.

The folkways of rape using women's beauty is a cover-up for the real crime of hatred and resentment against the difference in gender. It is a gender annihilation. Thus, Trump's initial violent attacks against E. Jean Carroll and Jessica Leeds boosted his image of his machismo to himself and if he bragged about it to other men, he was then, a "man's man." This notion is affirmed by the presumptuous "pussy grabbing tape," aired. What it proves is that Trump is infirm and debilitated, a wussy's wussy, a weakling who feels emasculated by the female gender. No wonder why he felt compelled to ridicule a man with a debility who dared to challenge him. Trump is a walking debility (don't look at his outer appearance). That reporter may physically have CP but inside he is whole and Trump is in fragments.

Perhaps we should use another term instead of the word "rape." Wussy seems to apply. Trump and Weinstein wussied those women. Or perhaps it can be changed to "annihilation;" they annihilated their gender. That is what happens to women who predators attack, defile and slime with their own scut, in exchange for looking less "wussy" than they fear they are. Speaking out, telling others is paramount to decry that annihilation and unmask the wussy who is trying to get off on appearing "the man's man." Annihilation is appropriate because in that violent, hateful act, the rapist kills. Rape is a war crime of the war of the sexes; the wussy male vs. the powerful female. Raping males, proven beyond a shadow of doubt must receive penalties and re-education for their self-crime of wussy hatred.


Monday, January 9, 2023

George Santos is Beholden to the White Power, White Supermacist Cult? See the Signs!


The picture posted on Billy Baldwin's Twitter feed indicates where George Santos' allegiances lie. With one hand he "pretends to swear allegiance to the constitution." With the other he swears his true allegiance to the cult of White Supremacist terrorists who work to create havoc in our congress and elsewhere. That is a "white power" sign he makes with his left hand. If he was a true patriot, he wouldn't need to swear his "white power" allegiance.

As long as we have creatures like this floating in the Capitol, we must call them out and make sure they are not reelected. Since Santos is most probably engaged in financial crimes, his own actions may convict and evict him from congress sooner rather than later. So many other individuals are worthy to hold political office. Think! He gets a lovely salary, full benefits and the network to learn how to steal and scam all the more. The American people are more worthy than these slimy creatures that "look" like they are working, but are derelict, treasonous liars and scammers. These are the free loaders who do nothing for the American people. Free loaders. Meanwhile, those on workfare have to "work" three jobs and they still can't make ends meet. Let the congressional freeloaders trade places. We'd get more done in 6 months than the Republican congress has accomplished since Newt Gingrich left.

Santos bamboozled those Jews who believed his comments that he had strong ties to Judaism and the Holocaust. Once again a bounder, liar, malevolent, seeks GOP power and assuredly, he is backed by those who count on him to be a anti-patriot patriot. These are the GOP. They are criminals. They do not support the constitution, evidenced by their REFUSAL to call out the January 6th insurrectionists of which many in the House supported. Santos is one of them paid handsomely to be one of them. Thus, like the GOP who lie and pretend to swear an oath to the constitution, they are loyal to the White Power cult. He swears on the constitution as a ruse, like Mo Biggs, Louis Gomer, Lauren Bobert and others who voted not to certify the 2020 election results and who stood in a conspiracy with Donald Trump to overthrow the United States fraudulently claiming Biden was an illegitimate president.

In the January 6th Commission Report, if you look at the Appendix you will see that the RNC fundraised millions and millions off the fraud that Biden was not elected by voters in 2020. The millions are fraudulent moneys, raised with begging emails to defend Trump against the illegitimate president Biden. They are keeping the $300,000,000 million. It is a combination of wire fraud, internet fraud based on scamming Republican voters. The con continues aided and abetted by the fake news empresario wannabe Murdock who grifts and makes up whole cloth articles that are fabrications. Murdock lies, slanders and libels who he can for no one is holding him accountable...via Fox et. al, except Dominion. Thus, massive fraud lawsuits should be leveled against Fox for printing lies about the election, for supporting Trump and for backing up the RNC in their fraudulent scams and cons to steal money from the pockets of the poor unsuspecting who believe Fox, Murdock, Trump and the other criminals in congress.

With guidance and help from the shadow White Supremacist GOP that is no more recognizable as the party of Reagan, he will do everything in his and the white supremacist cult's power to injure, malign, harm those citizens who are Black, Asian, Mexican, South American. Ancestrally an immigrant, with questionable gender and racial issues, his signing proves he is against immigrants and those who are not white. This also pertains to women who the GQP wishes to strip of rights, LGBTQ who they wish to strip of rights and those who do not agree with them. White men, white power cults encompass the KKK, Neo Nazis, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters and others. Just check the hate group map for the ACLU or Southern Poverty Law Center.


Sunday, November 13, 2022



Every political official who doesn't loudly speak out to reject the insurrection on January 6th must be sued or must resign. They are not fit to receive their salaries.

Voters have spoken. The billions of dollars the GQP donors have spent over the Trump years have been wasted. When the donors both domestic and abroad (Putin, MBS and others) have thrown billions into the GQP campaigns and Trump whose 2016 win was engineered by Russian interference (including putting up faux candidates like Jill Stein) are overcome by the vast majority of US voters with their small contributions. The US voters want decency, kindness and neighborly values expressed by the people who represent them. They want to know that their representatives show care and concern about issues that most affect them: healthcare, social security, college debt loan forgiveness, the Main Street economy and tax breaks for them.

After President Obama lost the Mid Terms in 2010, his social agenda to help the people was wiped out. The GQP spread lies about him and his family. Daily he received death threats. QAnon gradually gained followers spreading lies that Hillary and pedophiles in Hollywood drank children's blood and ate children's flesh. This was the set up of propaganda conspiracy that helped set up the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton and the rise of the QAnon and election deniers who rallied around the 45th president, the worst in the history of our nation.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy must speak out and condemn QAnon violence and the insurrection engineered by Donald Trump or be sued. He is not fit to be the leader of the House if he is derelict of duty and doesn't work to pass the bills put forth by Democrats to help Americans. If he denies the result of the 2020 election, he must be sued in a massive class action lawsuit by Democrats to oppose his attempt to disenfranchise citizens of the privilege to vote.

 If one checks on the lies spread, they reach back to Russian Military Intelligence and Putin's war on democracy using massive propaganda. The culmination of this is evidenced in the Mueller Report when Robert Mueller indicted 13 troll farms and agencies with ties to the Kremlin. These agencies worked 24/7 to overthrow US democracy with the complicity of a compromised Donald Trump who they installed. Trump worked from the inside to subvert democracy and destroy all of US ties to other democratic nations.

Under Trump national security was threatened again and again through his dereliction of duty with COVID, a global pandemic that the US usually would lead on. Thus far the US has the greatest number of deaths for a first world country...(1 million 100,000 +). Trump and Republicans should be sued for dereliction of duty in exacerbating those deaths by doing nothing early on when they knew COVID was ravaging in China. Instead, Trump used a health crisis as a political football and the American people as his pawns, causing a great number of elderly deaths in New York that he rallied his MAGA followers to blame on former Governor Cuomo. 

Everyone (2/3 of the voting public) now knows that a large percentage of people with COVID in the population will kill seniors first. Trump was derelict. He lied, people died. He lied about nursing home deaths which are now the greatest in Red States, which lie about their numbers. One of the greatest frauds in the last decade has been enacted by Red State deaths of seniors; they killed and kill their own voters in a massive dupe job. If they are at fault, they blame everyone but themselves. They they no one realizes they are accountable. We have learned We are legion. They are frauds and fakes. Trump turned blamed nursing home deaths on Cuomo, not on his dereliction of duty in not stopping COVID early on which increased COVID in the population exponentially. Trump and Republicans lied; my friends and your friends died. They deserve nothing, least of all their salaries, secret service security, healthcare benefits. Their fraud stinks in the nostrils of the living God.

These congressmen and senators must be sued for supporting Donald Trump's coup. They are election deniers and don't support the constitution and are disenfranchising Democrats by lying about the 2020 election to make Trump happy. They are unfit to serve. If they oppose the Biden win and think it was fraudulent, they should have resigned in protest. They didn't because they know he won. They tickle the ears of QAnon believers and lie.

Trump's lies, his dereliction of duty, his taking 150 golf trips to work his business interests instead of working for the American people and his $2 trillion in tax breaks for billionaire friends of his made US voters so stressed and sick, they voted for Joe Biden in a landslide (defined by Trump in the previous election) with almost 8 million won in the popular vote.

Trump wouldn't admit he lost nor allow a peaceful transfer of power. He amassed his QAnon followers and illegal militia through Flynn, Bannon, Alex Jones, Roger Stone and funded by the likes of Robert Mercer and they raided and mobbed the Capitol in the worst domestic attempt to overthrow the American people, the US voter, who they attempted to disenfranchise. The United States is not a third world country. The GOP did nothing after the initial week when they spoke out against Trump. They did not censure him or rebuke him. They refused to even acknowledge his behavior as an attempted coup.

Rudy Guiliani should be indicted for his part in attempting to overthrow the constitution and stop the peaceful transfer of power by spreading lies and actively encouraging violence at the Capitol during the rally held there on January 6th. He must be disbarred.

For their silence and Trump's bombast and dangerous actions, the US voter has censured them in the 2022 Mid Terms. They have supported decency, kindness, peace, gun control, healthcare for Americans, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and social programs to help the middle and lower class. Only if all are considered can our society be prosperous. But the voting public's job is not done. We have seen the hell at our doorstep in the form of starvation, homelessness, sickness bankruptcy caused by for-profit healthcare (we are the only first world country with it) and violence where the uneducated, and those vulnerable emotionally to lies pick up guns to shoot their neighbors believing "Civil War" is coming. They need to wake up. The Civil War never stopped. Racists, bigots and others have been oppressing women and those of color since the end of Reconstruction.

However, slowly this war will die out. Education, prosperity and true democracy where everyone's vote is not gerrymandered, but every vote is counted will stop it. When billionaires pay their fair share and teachers are not treated like the scum of the earth and the likes of Herschel Walker and criminal Donald Trump are not praised to the skies, then the mental Civil War that erupts in violence sometimes, will end.

Donald Trump has endangered our national security, a compromat of Vladmir Putin. Mueller proved this but William Barr stopped any indictment of Trump and prevented the Mueller Report from being read or digested by US voters. The more knowledgeable ones eventually read it. It's there in black and white. Putin has inspired Trump to be a despot and encouraged him in a wide-ranged conspiracy getting Trump to commit crimes against the American people in defrauded them twice during elections which persists to this day in refusing to say he lost. The American people reject him, Putin, Putin's genocide. Those vulnerable to QAnon lies think otherwise.

The GOP's silence against hatred of those of color and those who would seek asylum here must end. The GOP's wooing the most uneducated, miserable, unprosperous and stressed out of our population must stop. The American voters will not be disenfranchised by a violent coup engineered by a criminal who must be put in jail for endangering our national security. The GOP must support his indictment and speak out against the lies, admit their complicity. If they don't they must resign. We must not pay the salaries of a derelict Republican party who does nothing for the majority of the US, but only do for 400 billionaires as their constituents, then play off the American people to divide and conquer them.

Joe Biden has said he is president of all the people in the nation including Republicans. QAnon (Russian Military Intel based) is not worthy of citizenship. They are not worthy of the privileges to be a citizen. If they disagree with what's happening in their lives, there are so many charitable groups they can either start or help to form to make things better. First, they must educate themselves and read and investigate to discern a lie from the truth. If they are Christian, this should be easy. They have the spirit of Christ within and know a violation of the first two commandments is not of God. Lying is not of God. Trump and the GOP support lies, exaggeration and propaganda. This can be researched. Just look at different news channels and compare them.

Meanwhile, American voters must force the GOP to speak out loudly against the un-democratic elements that want to destroy our country. If they can't see to do that, they cannot represent this nation. They must be censured and called out and as I have stated before, election deniers must be sued. Why are we paying their salaries, their pensions, their healthcare if they don't believe in our constitution, yet intend to benefit from taxpayers hard earned dollars. Why are they being paid for doing nothing to help everyday Americans? This must stop.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Silence is Consent: GOP Dereliction of Duty Calls For Class Action Lawsuits by Citizens Who Elected Biden


Rudy Guiliani who worked to help Donald Trump overthrow the 2020 election, despite knowing President Joe Biden won committed fraud and treason.

Very simply, the GOP's silence about Trump/Putin's violent white nationalists' attempted takeover of the Capitol on January 6th is tantamount to treason. The Capitol with both houses of Congress represents the nation. Donald Trump in a 7 prong strategy with members of the House, Senate, illegal militia, and Trump QAnon supporters refused to accept the overwhelming landslide vote for Joseph Biden in the 2020 election. Every attempt to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power as was engaged by Trump, Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn, Alex Jones, Rudy Guiliani, Sydney Powell and others (treasonous organizers in law enforcement and the military-Flynn's brother) failed. Thus, they decided to use armed puppets who stood by waiting for the order to attack the Capitol. They were to take possession of the building and stop the certification of the vote by Vice President Mike Pence. Trump owned Tony Oronte and other Secret Service almost drove the VP far away so he would maybe never certify the vote.

Donald Trump did not decry the mob at the Capitol on Jan 6th from their chants to hang Mike Pence. He supported the violence ("let them in with arms; they won't harm me). He supported killing Mike Pence because Pence stood in his way. He is not only treasonous, he agrees with murdering anyone who stands in his way. Legally, this is hard to prove. Morally, by Biblical cannon of the Ten Commandments, this is evident based on his thoughts, his comments and his current actions which are pushing #thebiglie that Trump won the election, not Biden. As long as Trump is "free," all Democrats in positions of power are in danger. Indeed, all the GOP if they don't bow to Trump's every whim are in danger.

The GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who through silence commits treason and fraud not decrying Donald Trump's criminal actions against US taxpayers and voters.

By not holding Donald Trump accountable, the national leaders of both parties are in danger. The criminals who support Trump, who are willing to commit violence for him are enemies of the United States. First, Trump and his key players must jailed. Trump from thieving from the treasury to stealing Top Secret documents and attempting to still steal the election has proven he is an enemy of the United States. He and the other players should be either deported or sent to jail.

The interference with certifying the election is a federal crime. Adhering to Donald Trump's psychosis in fraudulently claiming he won when he knows he lost, reminded of it 150 times (a minimum count) is a federal crime. It is a fraud. It is treason. It is a rejection of Federal Statute by those who understand what they are doing as representatives of that statute. To reject the Constitution is a willful, premeditated dereliction of duty. Immediately, all those in government who rejected the law should have been ousted from government via the 14th amendment. They are the enemy of the United States. They committed treason and commit treason now by being election deniers or staying silent when they know the truth.

President Joseph Biden has proven his worth. He won 2020. He instituted Inflation Reduction, brought oil prices lower,  brought down drug costs, created jobs, beefed up infrastructure. The GOP voted down everything thing he's done. They intend to reverse the benefits he brought to average Americans.

Donald Trump and his followers have time and again proven themselves the enemy of the United States. It is enough they take money from Vladimir Putin who compromises them in the most crass way. Indeed, they don't believe in democracy. They believe in their will in a confused acceptance of despotism employed by Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao, all of whom killed their citizens in massive genocides.

The GOP supports the enemy of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump puts self and his own interests above the American people. To engineer or as Liz Cheney stated to SUMMON a 95% white male group of potential assassins to go after congress and importantly the Vice President Mike Pence to stop the peaceful transfer of power is treason and premeditated assassination. To not decry Trump's actions but to support them with silence is also treason and complicity.

Trump did not decry the chants to "Hang Mike Pence." This is an attempt on the Vice President's life because he didn't do what Trump wanted. Mike Pence obeyed the constitution and certified the vote. Trump's support of his VP being assassinated ("Maybe he deserves it.) is not rhetoric. It is an extortionate threat by Donald Trump who is an enemy of the United States and the US Constitution. As an enemy, she must be put indicted, put on trial (if feasible) or deported.

The GOP is attempting to destroy the government of the United States. The GOP intends to use the Federal Treasury by holding it captive, to make United States citizens their slaves by eradicating every beneficial program which citizens use to survive. The GOP wish to impoverish citizens, by duping and conning their supporters to keep them in power, the bulk of which are also impoverished, has been their plan. Their big donors are few. With them they can't win an election in numbers. However 400 Think Tanks run by legal minds have effected a way to control and take the United States hostage duping voters into thinking they have a voice. 

The GOP (historically from Nixon-a key traitor to Reagan, Bush, Bush Jr., Trump) have attempted to take power for themselves and eradicate the two party system using QAnon and Putin's propaganda tricks to dupe Americans to believe lies. In the past, they have taken the federal treasury money from those who need it the most to steal it for themselves with tax breaks so billionaires pay no taxes into the federal treasury. Citizens United has helped them in this by allowing the Saudis and Putin to ply money into the GOP campaigns. 

GOP congressmen and senators who in December refused to certify the vote. They are still committing treason by denying that Joseph Biden is president. They should resign. Why are we paying their salaries and benefits while they defraud us, are derelict of duty and don't even support us, the people who are the government? They must resign and be sued or 14th amendment enforced against them.

But the money they have gotten so far, $two trillion in tax breaks under Trump in 2017 is not enough. If you doubt this, then why is the GOP planning to gut healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other social programs? They said they would. Where do you think that money will go? Tax breaks for billionaires. Donald Trump who is bankrupt needs more money. It is not enough he has stolen from citizens these past years to front his bankruptcy. If this is not true, then why has he not released his tax returns? Children die, Americans die in the Trump COVID BOTCH JOB, elders die and Trump eats his burgers and sits on gold toilets. This is a third-world dictator. He has trashed the United States and made it manure. The GOP, DERELICT LIKE TRUMP, HAVE BEEN COMPLICIT TRAITORS.

Donald Trump has bilked the treasury in the following ways, supported by the GOP, while those in need are heading to rock bottom.

Trump photo next to E. Jean Carroll who he raped and who still seeks justice years later. He is not above the law. Justice will be served. Why are we paying for Secret Service salaries and his pension when he has continually defrauded the government and has proven to be an active election denier, traitor and enemy of the United States? He must be sued, indicted for all of his potential crimes and frauds and jailed, or deported if he can't get a fair trial. He never represented the US. His actions prove he doesn't even know what is in the constitution or what democracy means. A con, a scammer, a fraud.

Donald Trump

1)has not paid his income tax and has effected not to show his tax records to the citizens he is supposed to serve. Why is he hiding payments from donors and Putin?

2)has spent billions of dollars from US taxpayers to take over 100 + golf trips, travel to campaign rallies and more charging 6X the costs of hotel stays at his hotels for the Secret Service. (thus compromising their integrity with lavish treatment)

3)continues to do the above squandering US taxpayers' money on Secret Service stays in hotels. Proclaiming his children as servants of the US government, he charges taxpayers for their Secret Service detail as well.

4)while still president, used the Federal treasury and complicit officials who keep their salaries and benefits to effect an overthrow of the government, thereby using federal funds for treasonous purposes. If even $1.00 was spent to commit treason using our money, then this is a fiduciary crime. That we still pay the salaries and benefits of traitors is a federal crime. These individuals still defraud the taxpayer as the taxpayers' enemies while demanding payment for being their enemies. THE CRAVEN THEFT AND DERELICTION OF DUTY IS BEYOND EGREGIOUS.

5) spends the taxpayers money to transport stolen documents that are Top Secret in the commission of a crime makes the taxpayers complicit in his treason. Making the taxpayers complicit by using their hard won salaries to commit felonies is criminal fraud and extortion. He steals their money and renders them defenseless. That the Secret Service were used as Trump's errand boys to carry the documents that they knew were TOP SECRET makes them culpable. That taxpayers pay their salaries and benefits to this day makes taxpayers guilty in commission of this heinous crime. 

QAnon are vulnerable to lies by politicos. They don't understand the peaceful transfer of power. The Constitution is against despotism, against one man rule (the King) now and forever. Our Constitution allows for the people's power via voting. Our government always rejected despotism  manifested in the horrific one man rule of Joseph Stalin, Vlad Putin, Chairman Mao, Adolph Hitler. They destroyed and killed those who didn't bow to them. Taxpayers who pay taxes must either get their money's worth or sue derelict politicians for redress of grievances. We will not accept one party rule which scams us and lies and give billionaires tax breaks so they don't contribute their fair share to a government they don't support. We must sue the GOP, Trump, et. al for dereliction of duty, theft, criminal fraud.


The GOP is silent about all of this though it knows Donald Trump's culpability and treason some of which is listed above. They are willfully complicit. They are conspirators. They are derelict of duty. The American people must take action. They must do this, not only voting out election deniers, liars, scamming GOP politicos, but by suing these frauds in civil court for dereliction of duty. Start civilly, then use the criminal investigations against them to go after them criminally. Where are you DOJ? Justice delayed is justice denied.

Friday, August 19, 2022



                    Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) 88 years old. (Susan Walsh/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

Morning Joe, August 19, 2022. Joe Scarborough a former Republican turned Democrat, who can't stomach the propaganda spewed by extremist, radical right wingers turned Trump cultists, just reported the unbelievable.

Chuck Grassley (bullied by Trump, he is no longer a viable senator with integrity) and Kevin McCarthy (he lost his honor as an assemblyman being bulled by Trump) have screamed at the top of their lungs on the failed Fox Fake program that the FBI and IRS are coming with AR-15s to kill small business owners.

 Representative (R-Cal.) Kevin McCarthy
This is how Trump tries to stop the FBI. Fear mongering. He can't. This is how Trump tries to stop the IRS. OUTRAGEOUS LIES. He can't stop them from doing their job. They are the rule of law. Biden has undergirded the rule of law which only two years ago Trump screamed "I AM THE LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT," and rallied cops, and members of the armed forces, the KKK, MAGA WHITE SUPREMACISTS to attack the Capitol with violence and brutality to stop the peaceful transfer of power. 

Trump lost almost 80 times in the courts. His lawyers Sydney Powell and Rudy Guiliani (sued with Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems for lies) are in trouble. Rudy is about to be indicted for lying and committing election fraud and theft and tampering of election data. Dominion Trump's failed coup ended up with 800 + arrests. Trump's failed coup ended up with global TV coverage of Liz Cheney astutely leading the Jan 6th failed coup commission which revealed damning evidence that is being used by the DOJ to indict Trump.

        Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Guiliani, his law license has been suspended because of his activities

Trump's defense is not in a court of law, sanely, judiciously. No. His defense is to set about baying dogs, senile Chuck Grassley and demented Kevin McCarthy to spew propaganda against Trump's enemies, those who are going to arrest him. Trump is incapable of being sane. He is psychotic and criminal. He whips up his fans to violence (in FBI offices in Ohio and of the IRS). He pressures the radical extremist GQP to support him with lies and propaganda to stop his enemies.

 Does Donald Trump go off and take up arms against them? Nope. He is a coward. Instead, he whips up others to commit violence and kill, like Charles Manson did. Then he disavows himself of it, "Not MY RESPONSIBILITY." Well, eyes are opening. People are seeing this criminal who is about to be indicted and go to jail. Jail is Trump's greatest fear on the planet. He has visions of black men in prison coming for him. The irony is, he is 1000X more criminal than they and with his COVID botch job, has killed more than they. He is a racist, a criminal and a psychotic. That the likes of Grassley and McCarthy are his screaming worms lying on law enforcement agencies is egregious. They do not deserve their positions of power. A child can do better than they. They know the difference between a lie and the truth. Not only do they not care, they embrace lies because for them they can get money. Money. MONEY.

    Donald Trump's failed coup, smeared by GQP and called a picnic. 800 insurrectionists have been arrested, charged and are being sentenced. The Jan 6th commission has given testimony to the DOJ.

Really Donald? If so, let the FBI and the IRS do their jobs. If you are innocent (we all know you are not) then you will be acquitted and they will leave you alone. BUT YOU ACT GUILTY BEFORE THERE HAS EVEN BEEN AN INDICTMENT. 

Trump turned failed mob boss (mob bosses have more dignity, integrity and honor) has bullied the GQP once again to support him. How? With peaceful protests? No. With violence, with intimidation, with extortion, with loan shark tactics.


The New GQP is QAnon extremists, pro banned abortions, banned LGBTQ marriage, pro violence, anti-law enforcement, pro Putin genocide and War on Ukrain, pro Trump despotism. 

If someone dies killed by a QANON LUNATIC, Fox, Oann, Newsmax, Grassley, McCarthy and the wussy coward equivalent of Charles Manson, Donald Trump must be sued for inciting violence. Regardless, they must be sued for defamation. All of them. Trump's behavior has proven himself GUILTY. NO ONE WHO IS INNOCENT ACTS LIKE THIS. TRUMP ISN'T INNOCENCE.

Litigation, the rule of law. Lawsuits for defamation, the rule of law. 14th amendment against Grassley and McCarthy, the rule of law. Trump is unfit, incapable, violent, a Charles Manson type killer and instigator, and a horrific criminal spewing national secrets...already. SUE THEM. INDICT THE GUILTY. Fomenting violence with propaganda, lies and false rhetoric is not free speech.